Best B2B Marketing Strategies for VARs to Increase Sales Revenues

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Reading Time: 4 minutes

It is imperative for any VAR to stay ahead of the competition. It needs a lot of hard work, dedication, teamwork and research. But the most important issue of all is that it needs a proper marketing strategy to stay on top. Companies also have to avoid the status quo and have to continuously develop new and innovative ideas to stay ahead of the competition.

Let’s have a look at some of the effective marketing strategies for VARs, which can increase sales revenues.

B2B Marketing Strategies

B2B marketing strategies

The first and foremost important strategy that needs to be adopted is “plan out your work and then work out your plans”. The overall organization of ideas, workflows, and thought process is critical prior to actually starting any business activity. They are also critical for the sustainability of a long-lasting strategy.

Prioritizing of tasks at hands is also important. There are several methods in which prioritization of work can be done. A SWOT analysis is one such method. It can be combined with pain point discussions, and client-oriented thinking to further deepen the impact. Tools such as the CLV model may also be used, to assess the impact of the value created by customers.

  • High Quality Website

Gauging of web presence and taking measures to increase the same is also one of the key B2B marketing strategies. A quality website, up to –date, vivid and descriptive catalogs are some of the major purchase decision influencers and the primary reason for web traffic. Thus, in order to increase web presence, one should test and refine quality content to be served to customers. Web presence will surely increase if a website has all the elements to inform, sell and entertain its customers. Optimization of customer journeys also proves as an added advantage.

  • Content Marketing

Shifting the focus on content and inbound marketing is a tried and tested strategy particularly useful to increase the ROI of a company. Efficient and smarter content marketing wing of a company will educate the customers in a smarter and more efficient way which may ultimately lead to higher purchases. Some of the tactics that can be used for better content marketing are social media content, eNewsletters, articles appearing on your website, photos, illustrations, videos, in-person invites, blogs, info graphics, mobile apps, etc.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Optimization of search engine placements is an effective strategy to stay at the top of search results. Generally, while adopting the B2B marketing strategies marketers often do not heed this strategy as the search volumes are particularly low in the B2B market industry. However, the ability to make the best out of the available flow, is what distinguishes oneself from the competitors, and hence equal attention needs to be given to this point. Some of the actions that can be taken to optimize SEO placements are the usage of target keywords, building of quality backlinks, and the usage of localized metadata in cases of international marketing among others.

Marketing Strategies for VARs

Marketing strategies for VARs

  • Use CRM Software

VARs have to operate in conditions which are high in industry rivalry, and high buyer power. They have to constantly stay ahead of the competition, by providing positive responses in less time, have to manage their product catalog and their leads efficiently for better conversion prospects. To manage all of these, VAR needs to implement CRM and have to get CRM on their side. Customer Relationship Management Software, as the name suggests helps in the efficient tracking of leads, segment forms and can aid in the creation of web forms and offers.

  • Build Trust

Establishing authority is like planting one’s authority flag. You must build the trust of the clients in such a way that clients should consider your word as the final word in cases of technical support. That being said, such a claim has to be supported by carrying out exercises such as publishing educational content, citing expert opinions, publishing expert opinions on relevant market problems etc. Basically, the company needs to display its qualification and expertize to the clients and have to assure them that they possess the necessary capability to overcome all the impediments faced by clients.

  • Content Sharing

A VAR should never hold back when it comes to content sharing and it needs to be done generously. The content needs to be interesting and informative at the same time, while also taking care of SEO implications and demands. The whole aim of content sharing is to create digital goodwill which will ultimately result in increased traffic flow and sales.

  • Track your Metrics

Measurement of what’s working and letting go what is not is an important parameter to be kept in mind by VAR. The monitoring needs to be done across each and every aspect of the entire sales cycle. The metrics that can be tracked may be different for each individual company, but some of the common metrics that need to be tracked by every company include website visits at different points of time, leads generated, out of the leads generated the ones that got converted, proposals sent to the client, the deals that are near closure, and the closed deals.

Increase Sales Revenues with B2B Marketing

Increase sales revenues with B2B marketing
In order to achieve increased sales revenues with B2B marketing, set up a measurement feedback matrix. This will help to embrace the hard facts which need to be effectively countered to increase the overall sales. Some of the tools that can be used under this header are forward as well as reverse path analysis, setting up of goals, content experiments and testing their effectiveness among others.

B2B marketing generally entails bulk purchases, thus leading to higher ROI. However, to achieve this, prompt responses, flexibility in pricing, better delivery schedule, in-depth product description, and easy to use intuitive websites may guarantee deal closures.

In the overall formation of strategies, it is crucial to segregate the ones that suit a company’s functioning from the ones that are not compatible. Optimization of things at hand such as content, website, internal resources, is vital to make strategies work.