Digital transformation: How resellers can tap the growing demand for cyber security?

In today’s highly digital era, almost every business is abuzz with the phrase digital transformation. It is considered as one of the key factors driving the necessity to revolutionize and transform the way that businesses operate, perform and strive across the world. Digital transformation is seen everywhere today and thus to stay in the race you need to embrace technologies for your betterment.

Digital transformation and Cyber security:

Though digital transformation is revolutionizing every aspect of the business world, the new digital-centric world poses new cyber risk that needs to be managed. The growing use of digital technologies including the IoT (Internet of Things), cloud, artificial intelligence, big data and mobile, in ever more arenas of business and system is also posing a challenge too. The increasing connectivity of everything puts question marks on the level of data protection, security, and GDRP compliance. Digital transformation means significant investments in new infrastructure and services too.
Security, cyber security, in particular, can’t be afterthoughts. It is hardly possible to deal with it using traditional ad hoc and limited point solutions. Today, digital business considers Cybersecurity as a key strategic priority. To succeed in the era of digital transformation, it is essential to be open about it. Though enterprise IT and digital technologies are playing a major role in digital transformation, there are Cybersecurity gaps that need to be addressed effectively.
The widening spectrum and sophistication of Cybersecurity systems are based on the following:

    • Technology Evolution provides opportunities for improved productivity and better decision making. However, they also extend the scope of latent vulnerabilities.
    • Today, many businesses operate in complex regulatory environments, which enforce a necessity for compliance with many security regulations and standards.
    • Over the last few years, Cyber security attacks are growing in sophistication. The techniques used by cyber criminals are continually progressing advanced sniffing and encryption practices are adding to its complexity.
    • Several businesses lack the knowledge, resources, expertise and investment required to deal with evolving cyber crimes.

The automation of Cybersecurity solutions is an integral aspect to tackle the increasing number and sophistication of Cybersecurity threats.

  • A great opportunity

great opportunity

To meet the changing market demands, businesses need to drive growth through approachability, greater agility and innovation. However, the gap between those leading the way and industry stragglers is seemingly rising. This certainly spells opportunities for the channel to drive these firms out of this lagging phase and get them on the right track to success. With the right approach, resellers can make the most out of opportunities to support growing demand for “as-a-service” offerings. They can assist businesses to accomplish their digital transformation goals. However, they also need to address some challenges of their own.
Furthermore, with Cybersecurity as a prime consideration for digital transformation, not only the security solutions, but help and right advice from trusted partners are indeed essential. Here, smart channel players have already started to get the most out of it.
There are several end-user organizations, who actually find it hard to get to the extent of their responsibilities for security in the cloud completely. Resellers can be of great help here as they can be trusted cloud advisors. Resellers can capitalize on it by adding value with extra security services when needed to upkeep transformation projects.

  • A bit challenging transition

Though digital transformation and Cybersecurity spell huge opportunities, not everyone is grabbing the opportunity. As per Market analyst CONTEXT’s latest annual Channel Watch report, about 58% of respondents had not sold any cloud services in the last 6 months. This is a trend repeated across the globe. Unluckily, security was grasped as the biggest obstacle, where it should be perceived as a key chance.

The reason could be a lack of in-house knowledge and resource which is bothering many resellers. Several other reasons are contributing to stagnancy in tapping the opportunities offered by digital transformation. Many are not able to upkeep the practicalities associated with selling “as-a-service” offerings. Things are not straightforward like they used to be earlier. Furthermore, the resellers also find it little tricky to transform all or part of their business into successfully that of a service provider. Numerous business complexities are involved that can be an obstacle to adopting digital transformation and tapping the opportunities.

  • Help on the way

help on the way

The good thing to know here is that support is available for the aspiring resellers. Distributors offer financial assistance in terms of leasing out infrastructure. Furthermore, online Cloud marketplaces which facilitate partners to buy and sell software and applications as-a-service are out there. They deal with all the complicated back-end operational part and thus the channel partner can concentrate on growth and value-add. Some out-of-the-box packages are also accessible to support resellers in setting up new business practices in ever-growing spaces such as GDRP compliance, IoT security and ransomware protection.

Remember, it is hardly impossible to find an expert in everything. Resellers need to understand this and should think about the right partnerships that will drive them to deal with the growing demands of the digital era. Resellers need to focus on Cyber security with right partnerships that will make them ride this digital transformation wave and get the most out of it.

The recent IT industry trends are negatively hampering the reseller community. Digital transformation spells a compelling opportunity for channel businesses. It is essential to tap this opportunity with the perfect blend of product transactions, ongoing management services revenue and perceptible support to customer business success. Resellers who focus on developing the necessary expertise and processes will surely have the opportunity to impact positively further and improve business value. So, start your quest to be the best and get it into action and be ready to enjoy numerous benefits now.