How Value Added Resellers (VARs) can use Facebook for Marketing their Business during Christmas

Reading Time: 7 minutes
Reading Time: 7 minutes

With the holiday season fast approaching, consumers begin to explore different gift options. There is heavy rush to buy gifts for near and dear ones. Businesses of all size need to capitalize on this seasonal rush and ensure that they close the year on a high note. As a VAR, you need to implement various marketing strategies to maximize your sales and profit margins. Facebook can be an effective platform to reach out and engage with your customers. With an audience of millions from around the world, Facebook marketing can be a huge marketing asset for your business. The social networking giant offers a variety of options to market your business depending upon your goals.
Here are some Facebook marketing ideas that you can use during holiday season to capture customers’ attention and increase sale.

  • Launch Special Offers

Launch Special Offers

According to a recent report  42% of Facebook users ‘Like’ a brand so that they get a coupon or discount. So now is the time to reward your brand’s Facebook fans by posting special offers and deals on your Facebook business page. Running coupon campaigns on Facebook is an effective strategy to promote your products during the holiday season and increase online sales. It is important that you have a compelling offer that will excite your Facebook users. Also, don’t forget to include the coupon code in the Facebook ad copy, which will be used to redeem the discount or offer.

Although your aim is to attract customers, your profit margins should not suffer. In order to ensure that you don’t lose money with discounts, you need to implement the right discounting strategies  for your ecommerce business. Many ecommerce owners offer discounts on high margin items to protect their profit.

  • Advertise Gift Cards

According to a FirstData study conducted in 2016, found that 75% of shoppers with gift cards spent $27.74 more than the amount on the card. Hence, offering gift cards in the holiday season can be a great idea to encourage customers to purchase more from your online store. So you can advertise your gift cards on Facebook marketing with a message such as “Do you know that we offer gift cards”. The Facebook post should include a link that directs the user to the gift card.

  • Run Facebook Contest with a Tempting Incentive

Running Facebook marketing contest is an effective way to build brand awareness and increase engagement with your Facebook audience. Make sure that the Facebook contest prize is enticing and resonates with your Facebook followers’ interests.

The key to run a successful Facebook marketing contest is offer a prize that is valuable and fits with what your business and your customers need. For instance, if your business is into selling electronic or IT products, you could offer a LG Smart TV or Acer Laptop to your Facebook marketing contest winner. Also, ensure that participating in the contest is as simple as possible and requires only few steps. For instance, in many cases, entrants are expected to answer a question, like a post or submit a photo to take part in the contest.

  • Create Short Attractive Videos

Create Short Attractive Videos

In a recent study , 64% of shoppers said that watching a marketing video on Facebook had a positive impact on their buying decision. Also, according to a recent report in Tubular insights  social video generates a whopping 1200% more shares than what you can get from text and images combined. So if video marketing through Facebook is not on top of your mind, you will be missing out massive opportunities to get new business during festive season.

  • Promotional Video

With video viewership on digital devices soaring, it is imperative that you create a holiday marketing video to promote your business. There are different holiday video marketing ideas that you can include in your campaign. For instance, you can run a Facebook marketing video as an ad to promote your products as a Christmas gift. A promotional video that informs customers about special deals available on your store, can certainly help to increase online sales.

You can also consider creating a holiday greeting video that shows how much you appreciate your customers. Holiday greeting videos enable you to reach out to your customers with positive messages, which can influence their purchasing decision. Many enterprises create such videos to acknowledge their customers’ contribution to the success of their business. You can also use Facebook advertising to promote your holiday greeting video to a specified target audience. This will help to increase visibility as the greeting video will now be directly available in their news feeds.

  • Add a Call-to-Action (CTA) Button

According to AddRoll, inserting CTA buttons to your Facebook page can boost your click-through rate by 285%. Hence, add a CTA button to your Facebook post or ad to drive consumers to your website and complete the conversion. However, if you want your Facebook users to take the desired action, it is important that you use effective call to action phrases on your buttons. Using CTA phrases that create a sense of urgency can help to maximize conversions. Call-to-action phrases such as ‘Limited supply’, ‘Today only’, Hurry, ‘Offer ends on “date”’, ‘Shop Now’ etc., grab the attention of the visitor and increase conversion rate.

  • Christmas-Themed Facebook Page

Christmas-Themed Facebook Page

With Christmas round the corner, it’s time to make your company’s Facebook page ready for the holiday season. Add a big burst of holiday cheer and get your visitors into the festive mood by designing a Christmas themed Facebook page. During the holiday season, shoppers frequently browse through Facebook for special deals. Hence, it is important that you update your Facebook cover photo regularly during the festive season to attract potential customers. You can also customize the profile photo containing company logo to reflect the mood of holiday season. For instance, you can add a Santa hat or the boughs of a Christmas on the company logo to bring more engagement.

  • Use Facebook Live

You can generate brand awareness and improve sales during Christmas using Facebook Live, a feature that enables you to live-stream videos with your Facebook followers. Facebook enables you to create a business event on your company page. You can then invite your friends and fans who would find your event relevant. Sharing the event via Facebook Live allows you to connect with your audience in real time. During the event you can launch new products, promote your exciting festive offers, host contests etc., via Facebook Live to boost brand awareness.

people spend 3 times longer watching video which is Live compared to video which is no longer Live. So using Facebook Live during festive season can definitely be an effective strategy to grow your sales.

  • Run Multiple Campaigns

Audience segmentation is the key to create highly targeted successful Facebook campaigns. To get better results and increase engagement, you can run multiple campaigns on Facebook simultaneously. You can categorize your customers based on their browsing and purchase behavior, demographics, etc., and accordingly create different Facebook ad campaigns to target each customer segment. A big advantage of this strategy is that it enables you to focus on different groups and grab their attention.

  • Carousel Ads

You can run multiple campaigns through Facebook carousel ads, a feature that enables you to display up to 10 images, videos, headlines and links or CTAs in a single ad. The feature allows you to include more content in a single ad unit. The carousel ads format gives you the opportunity to display a range of festive offers and special deals. These are highly engaging and interactive ads and enable viewers to browse through the content. The ability to show multiple offers in one ad has shown to increase click-through-rate and drive conversions. Neiman-Marcus, an American chain of luxury department stores, displayed their Spring & Handbag Collection in carousal ads format and saw 3X more conversions and 85% higher click-through rates.

Don’t want to run Facebook ads to the same audience? Well, Facebook enables you to create multiple ad sets at once within the same campaign. Each ad set is targeted to a specific custom audience, location and age segment.

  • Facebook Pixel

Using Facebook pixel is another way to increase online sales during the holiday season. It is an analytics tool (JavaScript code added to your website) used to measure the success of your Facebook advertising campaigns. It allow you to monitor your website traffic coming from your Facebook ads. You can track how people are interacting with your site after seeing your Facebook ad. Facebook pixel helps you to track conversions from your Facebook ad campaigns. Thus, you can identify how well your Facebook ads are performing and accordingly you can even optimize these ads to get better results.

It doesn’t make sense to show your Facebook ads to people who are not interested in your holiday offers. On the other hand, with Facebook pixel, you can run your Facebook ad campaigns to the right audience. In other words, you can direct ads to people who are more likely to take action. So if you want to reach your target audience and make your Facebook ad campaigns more successful during the festive season, make sure to use Facebook pixel.

  • Create Holiday Advent Calendar

Start your countdown to Christmas by setting up an advent calendar of holiday deals and offers. It allows you to plan and schedule all your holiday offers in advance. Using an advent calendar, you can display unique offers every day for your Facebook followers in December leading up to the Christmas. A Facebook advent calendar is highly engaging and creates lot of buzz as it reveals fresh content (new promotions) on each day. Facebook followers would love to visit your social media page and check for special deals available on that day. If you use the Facebook advent calendar, you can definitely boost your social media following and grow your business.

  • Create Local Awareness Ads

Want to promote your business to people nearby? Want to get local attention to your products and services during the festive season? Well, you got to use the ‘Local Awareness’ feature of Facebook which will enable you to reach out to local potential customers. So you can create local awareness ads to drive awareness of your business around local people. Local awareness ads will appear in the Facebook news feed whenever the user is near your business location. Run local awareness campaigns on Facebook and promote your Christmas offers to people in your area. You can even incentivize local people to visit your business location.

  • Share your Brand’s Story

Marketing through Facebook is not just about running promotions. It is also about sharing content that creates an emotional connection with the audience. Sharing your brand’s strategy can be an effective marketing strategy to connect with your Facebook followers and drive sales. You can create a video and share your journey with the audience. Let your audience know your backstory; inform them about your company history. You can use hashtags like Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday to post content (video, images, text) from the past. Such nostalgic posts can hook up Facebook followers to your page. This can help to boost awareness of your business and its unique value to potential customers.