How VARStreet XC’s Catalog Export Functionality can help to increase Online Sales

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Ecommerce product catalog is a critical success factor, in the e-commerce industry. It can be defined as a comprehensive database of all the products that have been launched and the products that are set to be launched. Product catalog may provide information about minimum selling price (MSP), stock keeping unit (SKU), group name, category, dimensions, description, name of the brand, available quantity, minimum order quantity, shipping price, images, details about the manufacturers, among others.
Pre-established algorithms have facilitated the way for dynamic pricing in the e-commerce industry, thus resulting in profit as well as boosting the sales. The important factor that is influencing dynamic pricing is the huger variant in pricing and a large number of online competitors. Companies, therefore, have to collect and export essential data, in time, to maximise their sales revenue.

What is VARStreet’s XC’s Catalog Export Functionality?

VARStreet XC’s Catalog Export functionality airs their products into the market at different places and thus benefits the suppliers. This functionality allows resellers to export and display their product catalog at different marketplaces including Amazon and eBay as well as other shopping comparison sites like Nextag and

Benefits of VARStreet’s Catalog Export Functionality

Benefits of VARStreet's Catalog Export Functionality

  • Increased website traffic

Website traffic is an important aspect, as more visitors mean more business prospects. In the long run, more website traffic is directly linked to company growth, expansion of product lines, and more opportunities to expand. Therefore, it is imperative for companies to take customer reach into consideration. Maintaining high web traffic at all times is of prime concern here. However, it must be noted that the quality of web traffic, also has to be taken into consideration as bad web traffic can hamper business prospects. Therefore, if the quality along with the quantity of web traffic is increased, business is bound to get benefited.

Catalog Export to Shopping comparison sites and Market Places feature of VARStreet, helps to overcome all of the above impediments. With millions of visitors accessing marketplaces (Amazon, eBay) daily, you can expect increased traffic to your site, and moreover can comprehensively deal with the pre-established algorithms. It is particularly useful for eCommerce platforms selling their products on multiple channels.

  • Increased sales

E-commerce stores, in order to increase their sales, have to sell their products across different marketplaces. However, they face a problem pertaining to the listing of their products on different sales channels. This problem mainly arises as various sales channels lack uniformity and have different requirements, rules as well as formats when it comes to the listing of products.. Catalog export functionality of VARStreet is an efficient way to overcome these hurdles. With this functionality, resellers can export their product catalog in the right format to sites like Amazon, Google Shopping etc. Improved website traffic will be automatically translate into increased sales.

  • Increased buyer confidence

Buyer confidence is an important parameter to be taken care of, to increase sales. Therefore, product listing has to be tailored in an efficient way to perfectly suit the marketplace. VARStreet’s catalog export functionality efficiently does this, so as to take care of buyer confidence.

  • Efficiently manage multiple channels

How to export a catalog is a common question troubling industry participants. A full product listing on all the channels has become mandatory, as shopping comparison of the same product on a different website, has become a common phenomenon. Some of the major eCommerce market participants including Amazon and E-bay, among others, have tedious compliance procedure to list products on their websites. They also have different criteria for updating the information on a product. In such cases, VARStreet catalog export functionality can reduce the hassles and smoothly upload the product catalog on different sales channels.

  • Maintain Consistency and Quality of Data

If there is involvement of multiple sales channels, maintaining data quality is a major challenge. There might be spelling errors, discrepancy, error in product information, some of the information might be missing, inaccurate data, etc. in the catalogs. Such errors might occur when there is manual intervention in the overall catalog management and export process. Consistency is a critical success factor for the overall enriched buyer experience. VARStreet’s catalog export functionality maintains data consistency and quality at multiple sales channel.

  • Standardization

Lack of standardization in the product listings on different websites makes it difficult for the overall catalog management. While some of the websites may provide options for giving specific parameters such as size, warranty, among others of a product, some of the websites may not provide the option for the same. Delivery partners, delivery channels, options available for payment, discounts available are all defined by the individual websites. Hence, VARStreet is particularly useful, as it not only efficiently manages a catalog, but also exports it in a manner which best suits the individual websites.

How to Use Catalog Export Functionality Available in VARStreet XC?

How to Use Catalog Export Functionality Available in VARStreet XC?

  • To use VARStreet catalog export functionality, it is mandatory to have an account with the shopping sites you wish to export your catalog to.
  • The configuration of some basic setup also needs to be done prior to using this function.
  • The catalog is then exported to the FTP servers of VARStreet. Also, the catalog can be defined based on the parameters decided by the uploader, such as the pricing, details, etc., in a format which is suitable to the channels.
  • This catalog is then uploaded in the predefined format on respective sales channels.
  • The frequency of export can also be defined with this feature. Also, the frequency of updating the catalog can also be defined by the user.
  • The visitors who show interest in the catalog are directed to the reseller’s e-store, to complete the transaction.

All in all, VARStreet’s catalog export functionality can play a crucial role in improving website traffic, subsequently increasing online sales and profits.