Selling with VARStreet: How to sell office supplies online with VARStreet

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Reading Time: 3 minutes

The demand for office supplies is high. Almost everyone needs office supplies. Students, offices, schools, professionals, entrepreneurs, we can go on and on, but you get the idea?

The office supplies industry is a whopping $2 billion dollar industry, which makes selling office supplies a super profitable niche. The product range is varied, and you can offer a huge portfolio to your customers.

If you offer good quality products, the chances of your customers becoming repeat buyers are extremely high as office supplies get exhausted. Who buys just one pen for life, right? Post-its, planners, pens, staplers, notebooks, papers, etc. will always need to be replenished. If you keep your customers happy, they will be loyal to you and give you business for years.

Explore this profitable niche with VARStreet

Why VARStreet?

Cos we’re affordable, easy-to-use and come with a ready aggregated catalog of 40+ office supplies distributors.

If you already are an office supplies reseller, connect with us, and we can pull your office supplies catalog into the VARStreet application to get you ecommerce ready within a day.

Setting up an eCommerce store is convenient, easy and fast with VARStreet.

Start selling office supplies online with VARStreet in 6 easy steps

1. Get an account with the distributors

Decide which distributor you want to partner with and get an account with them. It is a simple process, and the application forms are easily available on distributor websites.

Here is a list of the distributor integrations we have.

2. Set up your VARStreet eCommerce store

Design your eCommerce store easily with our modern and easy-to-use templates and prebuilt widgets. You can customize every aspect of the store to suit your company’s branding. Change the colors, add your logos, headers, etc.

3. Import the Product Catalog

When you set up an ecommerce store with any other platform, you need to upload product pictures, write the product description, upload prices and regularly track and update them.

The difference between setting up an ecommerce store and setting up a VARStreet ecommerce store is that with VARStreet you need not worry about the product feed. We come with a ready aggregated product catalog, which is automatically imported to your VARStreet ecommerce store. You get high-quality product images, product description, tech specs and real-time price and inventory updates from multiple distributors.

“We come with a ready aggregated catalog with millions of SKUs from multiple office supplies distributors.”

4. Market your store

Market your eCommerce store to attract new customers through Google Ad campaigns, social media campaigns, email marketing, etc.

Let your existing customers know you are online through email correspondence or newsletters.

Don’t have the budgets for marketing campaigns? Don’t worry. Our eCommerce stores are SEO enabled, you can optimize your store and drive organic traffic to it.

5. Start selling

Great now you are ready to sell your product.

Um, what about order fulfillment?

6. Supplier Dropships the Product

The purchase order from your customer is directly sent to the supplier with customer details. Your supplier will ship the order to your customers on your behalf.   


Setting up an eCommerce store is fast and easy with the right tools. With a dropshipping model, you do not have to spend on inventory and the associated costs like warehousing, packaging, etc.

It is a great way to start a side-business if you’re working fulltime. It is also a good business idea to earn while travelling.

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If you are an office supplies reseller but do not have an eCommerce store, well, what are you waiting for? Selling online is a necessity today. If your business does not have an eCommerce store, your customers will turn to your competitors who do.

We understand the reseller business and have developed an ecommerce platform best suited to the requirements of an office supplies reseller.

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