Simple Ways to Increase Your Sales Through Mobile

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Smartphones and other mobile handsets have brought the world closer at people’s doorstep. Right from video chats and checking emails to shopping and promoting business, there is so much that a mobile phone can do.
Mobile phones generated about 52.2% of all worldwide digital traffic? Moreover, 51% of customers use mobile phones to discover new brands and products. Can you imagine the tremendous business opportunity that mobile phones offer? So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that mobile marketing strategy is important for all types of businesses, including ecommerce store.

However, a mobile marketing strategy is effective only if it closes the sales. Hence, the mobile conversion rate is a crucial parameter to consider.

  • What is Mobile Conversion Rate Optimization

The mobile conversion rate is the percentage of users who opted into your mobile marketing campaign, out of the total number of users who saw the campaign. Let’s say; you have launched a mobile marketing campaign for 500 smartphone owners. But, only 200 actually opted in for the campaign. So, your mobile conversion rate is 40%.

Obviously, you would want to increase your mobile conversion rate. Here are ways to do so.

  • Keep Load Time Minimum

Today’s mobile users are very fickle and impatient. They expect their web experiences to fast and efficient. Even if it takes a few seconds for the page to load, they may abandon the site. So, you have to make sure you minimize the page load time for your mobile site or page. You can improve the speed by taking the following steps:

    • Measure and reduce the server response time.
    • Keep the number of redirect pages low.
    • Minimize the file size by reducing image and font size or avoiding bulky video or text upload.
    • Prioritize visible content –the content that you want the visitor to see first should be displayed first. By the time, the rest of the content is displayed, the visitor will be already engaged.

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  • Improve Site Design

Improve Site Design

While an attractive ecommerce business site appeals to users, they are not looking for a complex or very fancy one. Responsive design equally matters to them. A study revealed that 94% of people mistrust or reject a website based on its design! So, remember that great design builds trust and encourages visitors. In order to understand whether your site design is up to the mark, you could spend some time browsing as a customer would. Or, you could ask a few people to test the website design and give their feedback to you.

  • Use Product Videos

One of the sure shot ways for increasing conversions from mobile is to upload product videos on your site. Statistics show that 72% of people would rather use video over text to learn about a product or service while 83% of customers wouldn’t mind sharing it with others. If you have issues hosting the videos directly on the site, you can consider creating a video popup so that speed of the site remains unaffected.

  • Use Right Call to Action

A good call to action can immediately capture the attention of visitors and prompt them to take the desired action. The call-to-action buttons such as ‘buy’, ‘subscribe’ or ‘add to the cart’ place visibly near the product images can make the conversions quicker.

  • Make it Simple for Visitors to Use Your Website

We are talking about navigation here. The mobile site design should be such that visitors can move from one page to another seamlessly without any confusion. Too many page redirects, pop-ups, auto play videos and overload of information can spoil their experience. So, as they say, keep it simple and sweet.

  • Use SMS and Push Notification

Both SMS and push notification are known to improve lead generation and make more sales. In fact, their conversion rate is higher than emails. SMS and push notifications work as instant messages that make people open them as soon as they get the ping. So, a mobile marketing strategy without incorporating these two elements is futile.

  • Check Your Changes

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This is as basic as it can get. Whenever you make any changes on your mobile site or campaign, test it before going live through A/B testing feature. This will let you know how the change is working and if there are any bugs to be fixed. If you don’t track changes, you could lose time if something goes wrong and in turn, affect the conversion rate optimization. Get your A/B testing guide here.

  • Improve Mobile SEO

Improve Mobile SEO

In order to make the viewing on mobiles flawless and drive traffic, you must focus on SEO. Ever since Google rolled out Mobile-First Indexing, the need to make the site mobile-friendly is even more important. By following the points 1 to 7 mentioned above coupled with SEO techniques, you can easily address this aspect.

The mobile conversion rate is not difficult or complex, but it does call for dedicated focus. If mobile marketing is done rightly, you can easily drive sales through mobiles.