10 Tips for VARs to Boost Christmas Sales on E-commerce Platform

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Reading Time: 3 minutes

‘Tis the season to be jolly! And, it is also that time of the year which gets your cash registers ringing! We tell you how to play Santa to your customers and increase holiday sales on your e-commerce platform.

  1. Deck up your website: Get your customers in the mood to shop by tweaking your website to Christmas theme, design and colors. If they like what they see, they will spend more time exploring your website.


  1. Create a custom landing page: Guide your customers to a specially designed Christmas sales landing page, based on their buying needs or promotions you are offering.

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  1. Design a catalog / subscription package: Optimize your e-store sales by promoting season special catalog of best selling items on the homepage. You can even create a Christmas subscription package to attract new customers.


  1. Create product bundles, cross-sells & upsells: Dig up your historical data and analytics to find out which products can be grouped together as a bundle or make a profitable cross-sell or upsell opportunity. Push them as a Christmas special gift hamper.


  1. Offer exclusive discounts/coupons/freebies: Make your customer feel special by offering Christmas discounts, gift cards, coupons or free takeaways on the products you want to sell the most.

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  1. Create a PPC Ad campaign: Your ad copy should reflect a sense of urgency. For example, ‘Only 10 days left to avail Christmas discount’ or ‘Grab your Christmas gift now’. The key ad words should also be catchy. Such as,’ X-mas special’ or ‘Christmas offer’.


  1. Make your e-store mobile-friendly: Ensure that your mobile site also spreads Christmas cheer to generate a high conversion rate. If you don’t have one yet, hire a B2B e-commerce software vendor to build a responsive website.



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  1. Make checkout process simple: Give an option of guest checkout so that your customers don’t abandon your cart at the last moment. Invest in good shopping cart software which has features like auto-filling fields or asks for minimal essential personal information.


  1. Modify shipping strategy: Offer free or discounted shipping, guaranteed delivery, same day delivery, overnight shipping or free return shipping on products purchased during the Christmas sales period.



  1. Leverage social media: Engage your audience through social media. All your social media accounts should have Christmassy look & feel. Pin your Christmas promotions to top the feed, run a contest to offer discounts or promote your Christmas landing page.


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