15 Reasons Why VARStreet is the Best Business Management Software for Value Added Resellers (VARs)

Reading Time: 6 minutes
Reading Time: 6 minutes

When it comes to choosing a business management software  for value added resellers (VARs), there are plenty of options. Most software applications help to automate tasks but are not available as one package, hence introduce integration worries, thereby making it difficult to adopt in a challenging VAR business environment. As a VAR, if you want to increase productivity and manage all your day-to-day activities in a more efficient manner, it doesn’t make sense to choose a standalone application. Opting for an integrated business management software will serve the purpose.
Running a VAR business can be complex, which is why you should check out VARStreet. VARStreet platform has been designed keeping in mind the specific needs of IT and Office Supplies VARs. It is chock full of functionality that your VAR business will need.

1. All-in-One Platform

All in one platform
If you are looking for the most popular business management software, then VARStreet is the one. It contains everything you need to run your business efficiently. It is a robust all-in-one business management software ideal for your growing business needs. VARStreet brings together several applications within one platform thereby eliminating the need to invest in different software tools to manage your business.

VARStreet offers a full suite of integrated tools that can help to simplify and streamline your business processes. You really don’t have to spend money in purchasing and maintaining disparate systems. You will have all your information and data in one place, which can make it easy to manage your business.

2. Cloud-based PlatformCloud-based Platform

VARStreet is a cloud-based application that is hosted online and delivered via the Internet. So just an Internet connection will give you access to VARStreet business management software anywhere in the world. As compared to on-premise applications, cloud-based platforms are easier to deploy and manage. With cloud-based software, you don’t have to download and install it on each device to make it accessible to your entire team. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about software enhancements, hardware or backups as it is efficiently managed by VARStreet provider.

3. Launch your Own Online Store

VARStreet comes with a built-in ecommerce platform that will help you to setup your own online store with ease. VARStreet has been one of the leading platforms to create stunning, highly customizable ecommerce sites for B2C/B2B/B2G transactions. The ecommerce platform has various features that you can leverage and grow your online business.

The platform offers various payment options such as credit/debit cards, cash on delivery, company PO and cheque. It is integrated with a range of payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Vantiv, PayTrace etc. to process online transactions securely. In order to drive sales and increase customer engagement, you can implement email marketing campaigns and even export your product catalog to marketplaces (Amazon, eBay etc.) using VARStreet ecommerce platform.

The platform is also connected to various shipping companies, which means shipping rates will be automatically displayed on to your store during checkout. So if you are looking to sell your products online then look no further than VARStreet. It offers the best online store builder that has everything you need to run an ecommerce business successfully.

4. Accelerate Quoting Process

VARStreet’s built-in sales quoting software ensure that you spend minimum amount of time in creating and sending quotes. The software tool will help you to streamline and automate your quoting process, and increase your sales team’s productivity. It comes with a range of attractive and easily customizable professional template designs, which can help you to create job-winning quotes in minutes. All in all, VARStreet sales quoting software will help you to close deals faster, win new business and ultimately bring huge success in sales.

5. Simplifies Procurement

VARStreet automates the procurement process for its users as the platform is integrated with 35+ IT product distributors. This allows VARStreet resellers to have direct access to product information coming from multiple distributors. As a reseller, you can easily view product details such as current pricing and availability while you are creating a quote. With VARStreet platform, you can select and quickly add the product to the quote. This will help you to save time while quoting, buying and ordering products from the distributors.

6. Get Aggregated Catalog

VARStreet catalog management software aggregates catalogs coming from all your connected distributors to form a single catalog that displays product information in a well-structured format. This aggregated catalog is updated daily so that you have access to current pricing information at all times. Moreover, it comes with various tools that enable you to research and compare products at the time of creating quotes.

7. Contract Catalog

The contract catalog/module has been designed specifically for value added resellers (VARs) who are providing products and services to government and education. Quite a few resellers with government IT contracts like SEWP, Netcents, DHS FirstSource and Eagle have been using VARStreet to manage their business efficiently. So as a reseller, if you are selling your IT products to State, Local or the Federal Govt., it is advised to use VARStreet platform that comes with Special Contract module.

8. Custom Catalog

With VARStreet business management platform, you have the option to sell your own products and services that are not supplied by the distributor. You can use Custom catalog feature to add your own custom products along with categories and sub-categories, and make them available for your online shoppers. If possible, rich content will be made available for your custom products in order to increase online engagement.

9. Real Time Pricing & Availability

VARStreet business management platform has XML integration with major distributors including Ingram Micro, Synnex, Tech Data, D&H and Digitek. This allows you to retrieve product information in real time from these distributors. Real time visibility into price changes while quoting will enable you to improve your profit margins.

10. Submit Orders Electronically

VARStreet allows you to place electronic orders to many distributors including Ingram Micro, Tech Data, Synnex, D&H, Digitek, Supplies Wholesalers, ScanSource, Aster Graphics and BlueStar. Electronic order submission ensures quicker turnaround time as orders are received instantly at the distributor’s warehouse.

11. Track Valuable Customer Information

VARStreet comes with a built-in CRM software that will enable you to monitor and keep a track of all your interactions with your leads, opportunities and existing customers. This will allow you to better understand their needs and address them in a timely fashion. The software module will enable you to prioritize your activities to manage your business more efficiently. You can even generate various kind of reports to get key insights into your business performance.

With VARStreet CRM tool, you can create attractive sales quotes from opportunities and leads in no time. Also, there is no limit to the number of quotes you can create for every opportunity or lead. Once the quotes are generated, you can easily access them from a single screen. You can also maintain a quote history for every opportunity, which enables you to keep track of prospective sales.

12. Get Rich Content

According to research by Google Manufacturer Center, rich product content can increase conversions by up to 25%. No wonder, online stores that do not have rich content are at a competitive disadvantage. If you are using VARStreet ecommerce platform, you really don’t have to worry about rich content for your website. This is because, every VARStreet ecommerce store is powered by Etilize, the leading provider of online product content.

You get rich content (product images, specification, description) for the products that you sell online. This eliminates the tedious task of downloading and importing large product files from distributors. Etilize content is also available for your aggregate catalog, making it complete with detailed product information.

13. Seamless Integration

VARStreet is business management software with accounting, CRM or ERP applications, thereby allowing you to easily transfer information into these systems. For instance, you can move sales information from VARStreet into your Salesforce CRM for generating various kind of reports. Integration completely eliminates the need to transfer data manually between systems. This means no dealing with errors associated with manual transfer. Moreover, it ensures that your important data such as quotes and orders is in sync with your existing systems.

14. ResponsiveResponsive

VARStreet is a responsive business management platform, meaning you can access it from any device. It’s highly responsive front-end and backend architecture will allow you to run your entire business from your internet-enabled smartphones and tablets. Your team can access your company’s data on-the-go, without being tied to the office. This can help to make your team even more productive and efficient.

15. PunchOut

Most B2B/B2G buyers look for resellers who provide PunchOut enabled store. This is because with PunchOut, the purchasing process is faster and easier. VARStreet offers a customizable PunchOut catalog solution for its resellers, which can give a great opportunity to win deals with some of the largest buying organizations. By using VARStreet business management software, you ensure that your online business is ‘PunchOut ready’. This can give you a competitive advantage as very few resellers currently offer PunchOut capabilities to their potential buyers. VARStreet offers PunchOut catalog solution with some of the most popular procurement systems including Ariba, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle etc.

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