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Let’s face it! Every salesperson at some point of time has faced problems when selling products to their prospect. Handling a prospect who is especially stubborn can make it difficult to close the deal. However the key is to be prepared and patiently answer any questions put up by the prospect. Most importantly you need to simplify your sales process, so that it become easier to close the deal faster.
The following blog discusses the 5 simple steps for closing the deal.

Have Good Knowledge about your Product Offerings

Whenever interacting with your prospect, you need to speak confidently about your product offerings. This will happen only if you have a thorough understanding of the products that you are selling. It is a must to easily articulate your product knowledge, which will help you to build trust, faith and credibility with your prospect.

Deep product knowledge will strengthen your ability to communicate and you would be able to present the product more effectively. So knowledge is power and for sales people, product knowledge is vital for closing the sale.

Have a Good Understanding of your Customer’s Needs

As a sales rep, it is your job to understand your customer’s needs. Do not just keep on talking about the products and services that you are offering. You also have to listen to the challenges they are facing. So understand their requirements, their goals and accordingly strike a conversation and focus on how your products can meet their needs.

Respond at the Earliest

If the customer has requested for a quote, you simply cannot afford to make him wait for long. A Sales quote creation process should never be time consuming. Long wait and hold time can drastically reduce the potential of a sale. So if you are going to spend hours in creating quotes, it will eventually lead to lost sales. In order to speed up your quoting process, you need to use a CPQ tool, which has been designed to create some of the most complex quotes in minutes. It will help to get rid of costly errors and enable you to close bigger deals faster.

These quoting tools also come with ready-made Sales quote templates, which can save substantial amount of time in creating quotes. With these tools, you can create custom templates that exactly fit your branding.

Adopting a CPQ cloud solution is often advised as an Internet connection is all that is required to access and operate the system. So whether you are using a desktop, laptop, or a smartphone, you can use the tool as long as the device has Internet connectivity. With cloud-based tools, your data is always available online, which gives the flexibility to create quotes from anywhere, at any time. These tools also allow your prospects to view and approve the Sales quote online, which can help to speed up the ordering process.

Streamline your Sales Process

Slow sales process means your sales team is spending a lot of time and effort in closing the deal. Also, leads tend to go cold with longer sales cycle. To resolve these issues, you need to streamline your sales process. This will save time, which can be used to close more deals, thereby giving a major boost to their productivity.

Automation is the key when it comes to shortening the sales cycle. You need to automate your processes which will enable your sales team to do their job more efficiently. Automating repetitive tasks using tools like lead generation software, CRM, email marketing software and CPQ (configure price quote) have shown to increase sales performance and grow revenue.

Follow-up Regularly

Many times, it is not possible to close a deal in a single meeting. You need to get in touch with your prospects from time to time or else they may get stuck in your sales funnel.  In order to move sales forward, a regular follow-up with your prospect is a must. A follow-up gives you a golden chance to make another impression with your prospect. An effective follow-up can regenerate interest and encourage them to make purchasing decisions.  So a follow-up in the form of phone call or a direct email can certainly help in closing the deal.

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