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Success is not easy to measure, as everyone has its own definition of it. What a company may consider as a success, another may shrug off as just another minor accomplishment, and vice versa.
Nowadays, manufacturers are focusing on streamlining products and releasing ever-changing software and hardware solutions. On the other hand, VARs(value added resellers) used to be a little more cut and dry, keeping one of these companies pertinent these days is a much more tricky job. Foresight and creative thinking have become important aspects. The realm of business is almost limitless in its opportunity and scope. However, some companies stand out from the herd. It could be the market share, innovation, name recognition, any other attributes that make them just better than others.

So what all these successful VARs have in common?

Best looking e commerce websites? No, there is a lot more than this. So what’s the recipe for success most often implemented by most of the successful and profitable resellers, which can be used to advance your business plan for accomplishing long-term success?

  • Personalized Sales Approach
  • Self-Starter
  • Strong Prospecting Strategy
  • Leveraging Advocates For Referrals
  • Partnering With Other Businesses In Your Industry

Personalized Sales Approach

Personalized Sales Approach

Profitable VARs consider Customers as the core of their business. Rather than a strictly sales approach, profitable VARs focus on knowing and understanding customers’ needs. In simple words, they have a personalized sales approach and add value to their offerings (great product knowledge, quick turnaround time, services, customer support and many more) and this makes their customers more comfortable in making a deal with VARs. This customer centric attitude, in place of getting up in product pushing side, allows VARs to evaluate how their service or product will profit their potential customers.


We all know that goal setting is an absolute must for any business that wants to succeed. Nevertheless, just setting clear goals is not adequate, it is essential that all the goals must have a purpose behind them or serve the overall objective of the company, or have a purpose behind them. Furthermore, the majority of staff at the organization should clearly understand what that purpose is, and they should be internally motivated. The most successful VARs are clear in their mission and purpose. They are confident in themselves and their abilities, which let them make even the hardest decisions on their own accord.

Strong Prospecting Strategy

Profitable VARs understand the importance of having a strong prospecting strategy. It lets them outshine when it comes to feeding their sales pipeline. Developing an ecommerce site that features unique, fresh and relevant content that can further SEO (Search engine optimization) results is one of the important strategies that’s essentially implemented by most of the successful VARs.

Leveraging Advocates For Referrals

A word from a trusted source builds credibility in the mind of prospects, even before you approach them. The most profitable VARs leverage these raving fans as a way to develop their business. They treat these customers like royalty, whether through free upgrades, impeccable customer service, customer support and many more innovative ways to make customers more than happy to refer new clients.

To be able to leverage the power of referrals, it is essential to have a robust referral program, and it should advocate the benefits (especially, the rewards).

Partnering With Other Businesses In Your Industry

• Partnering With Other Businesses In Your Industry

A profitable VAR will make use of other companies in their industry. Partnering with these organizations provides them with a wider reach for potential customers. Beneficial VARs maximize the leads from referrals by building trust in existing relationships (relationship marketing); forming partnerships with the right companies across different locations (for business expansion); and developing strategic alliances with other entities in their industry.

While traits mentioned above are not the entirety of the stuff that makes VARs robust and impactful as the best CRM software for sales and marketing. Profitable VARs brainstorm and collaborate, so their ideas are the best and allow them to assign those astounding plans to a schedule that keeps them on track and promote productivity in turn. They make use of most popular CRM tools to accomplish goals.

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