[Update] 5 Super Benefits of Adopting a Seamless Integration System for VAR Business

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Do you spend several hours manually entering orders in your backend systems? Do you find it difficult to avoid duplication and errors while keying data into your disparate IT architecture? Do you end up spending unproductive time figuring out how to ensure a flawless workflow between your cross channel systems? Well, then it’s about time that you consider adopting a seamless integration system for your business. We tell you why.
Typically, VARs employ three separate applications to support various business processes in their omni-channel system – CRM, Accounting, Quoting & Procurement. While all of these applications independently manage to deliver the expectations, they may not yield the desired results when you want them to operate in synchronization. The most common challenge that lies in operating multiple business applications is ensuring that data security and integrity of the client as well as your own business is maintained. Secondly, there is a high risk of duplicate, delayed or lost data that may result from excessive data entries in each of these applications.

What you really need to combat the above challenges is a single yet a comprehensive tool that can effortlessly address all your business needs pertaining to sales, accounting and customers. So, what exactly is this seamless integration?

According to Techopedia,

“Seamless integration is the process where a new module or feature of an application or hardware is added or integrated without resulting in any discernable errors or complications.”

Now that you have understood the meaning of seamless integration, we take your further to explore its super benefits.

  • Bridges the information gap

When you opt for seamless integration, all or most of the business processes get connected to each other through automation. This in turn also synchronizes the data across all the applications and allows you to manipulate the data intelligently. What you can further expect is smooth, timely and reliable flow of information and communication across the organization.

  • Ensures control over processes

With integration, there is a standard workflow engine that operates all business processes independently and mutually to make them work in harmony. As a result, human intervention is almost negligible, leaving minimal or non-existent scope for errors. Not only processes become flexible, faster and accurate, they also give complete control and visibility for you to monitor them at every stage and tie loose ends, if any.

  • Lower costs

seamless integration- low cost

Now that you no longer need to enter data into different applications multiple times, the cost of storing and managing data drastically takes a dip. The integration will automatically fetch you real time data and reports, so that you don’t need to gather data manually from your employees. Also, the costs associated with operating one single system is significantly lesser than stand alone applications. Cumulatively, the reduction in all these costs will eventually enhance your revenue margins.

  • Increases employee productivity

Thanks to seamless system, your business processes run glitch free and efficiently. Hence, your staff has more time to concentrate on core functions – sales and customers.

  • Improves customer service

The interactive interface of a seamless system ensures that you are able to retrieve information at the tip of your fingers, thereby avoiding the delay in handling customer queries. Hence, there are higher chances of retaining your existing customers and lure the prospects.

A seamless system implemented the right way ensures that you have a reliable and scalable integration solution that will have a positive impact on your growth, revenues and ROI.

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