6 Quick Tips for Effective YouTube Marketing

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Reading Time: 4 minutes

These days, a majority of customers prefer to watch a video rather than reading the text. Furthermore, people are able to process video or image far better than text. Statistics show that internet video traffic contributed to 69% of global consumer internet traffic in 2017 and this year, 70% of marketers plan to incorporate it into their key marketing strategy. 55% of social media users pay close attention when watching a video, more than all other types of content. Is it any surprise why marketers are increasing their marketing budget allocation to videos?
When you talk about video marketing, the first platform that comes to your mind is YouTube. It is by far the most popular video channels used by marketers. Hence, YouTube marketing is gaining tremendous traction among marketers. YouTube is no longer about watching or uploading videos; it has become a competitive strategy for businesses. Marketers can vouch by YouTube marketing to improve sales!

  • Why you should use YouTube

Why You Should Use YouTube

While Facebook video is another great way to drive sales and increase website clicks, there are more people who use, search and watch videos on YouTube. Young audience and baby boomers spend their maximum time on it. Here are some more reasons to use YouTube:

    • YouTube is the second most trafficked website after Google.
    • YouTube has more than 1 billion users, roughly one-third of the entire internet.
    • 87% of marketers have published video content to YouTube and 87% of marketers plan to do it in 2018.
    • YouTube also provides the chance to showcase your e-commerce store
    • YouTube Videos have higher chances of going viral – something that every brand wants!
    • Videos hold the attention span of viewers for a longer time. The average viewing mobiles session on YouTube lasts for more than 40 minutes.

6 tips for effective YouTube marketing

Tips for Effective YouTube Marketing

Anybody can create and upload a video on YouTube. But, how do you ensure that it serves the purpose of your business – build brand visibility and generate leads? Well, there are certain tips and techniques you need to bear in mind:

1. Make custom thumbnails

The best thing to boost sales for an e-commerce site, increase views and clicks through YouTube is to create custom thumbnails. Generally, thumbnails are like meta descriptions in a Search Engine Result Page (SERP) on Google. Youtube is like a search engine. When the keywords are searched, you get results based on the queries. Therefore, the same SEO rules apply here too. Hence, you must create a compelling thumbnail to drive sales and engagement of your e-commerce site through YouTube. Also, the best performing videos always have a custom thumbnail.

2. Maintain consistency in branding

Consistent branding should be followed across all your marketing channels and communications. This creates a higher brand positioning and recall value among customers. This consistency should extend to YouTube Marketing too. This will make your brand stand out from the crowd. It will enable people to identify and recognize your video from thousands of others that are posted daily. You can subsequently drive sales and get more clicks by following consistent branding. Do make sure to keep your brand colour scheme, logo and other marketing elements consistent in your YouTube videos, channel as well as an e-commerce store. Moreover, the branding must be consistent in every video.

3. Keep your videos consistent

Keep Your Videos Consistent

We have already talked about brand consistency in the above point. Make sure to extend the consistency to videos too. Maintaining video style consistent is a key marketing strategy. You must be constant in video length, niche and upload time. It helps the users to understand what they can expect from you. You can save yourself from losing sales and clicks if the uploading of the video is consistent and regular. Also, the content must be quite interesting for engaging the audience.  The best way to remain consistent is to upload videos at the same time and day in a week. Moreover, depending on the niche all the videos must be around the same length. They are required to be short, preferably around 2-3 minute. The span of attention of the audience is small, so you need to hook their interest.

4. Follow a content marketing approach

YouTube is the best place for creating video content as it is an important search engine platform where people consume content. use YouTube content marketing that has less competition that makes easier to create brand awareness, search results, conversions and new leads for your business. People are constantly using YouTube to solve their dilemmas and problems. Hence, it is the best method to market your online business through you-tube. You can generate content that makes your customer aware of the service and product.

5. Use Call-To-Action (CTAs) in every video

One of the best methods to boost sales is by using calls to action in every single video. You can also use an end screen call to action to encourage people to click back to your site. It triggers the action in the mind of the audience. You can always ask users to like/share/tweet the video and subscribe to your video channel.

6. Don’t forget to use YouTube SEO

YouTube is one of the leading search engines. Your customers must be able to search for you. Hence, optimising keywords, meta title, meta description and all tags are quite essential. These HTML elements make your videos searchable. Use YouTube to help your e-commerce and boosts sales through SEO.

If you are a seller or reseller having a business presence online, then YouTube is the best way to create your brand, increase customer and generate leads.

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