6 Things that can Improve your Proposal Quote

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Reading Time: 3 minutes

It is a known fact that in today’s competitive world of ecommerce, making your sales quote standout from your competitors is the key to improve sales. Sending Sales Quotes that are unclear and poorly organized are likely to be rejected by your customers. So no matter how quality your products/services are, if you are not delivering professional looking quotes, there is no possibility of winning business.
Sales quotes that are easy to understand and intuitive can certainly gain more customers and increase revenue. Apart from these characteristics, your sales quotation document should include and support the following features so that they look more customer-centric.

Include Video:
Adding video is one of the best ways to improve your Proposal Quote. This is sure to capture the customer’s attention and increase the chances of sale. With a sales quoting tool, you can easily include video in your sales quotation. Inclusion of video will give a visual understanding of the product. The video should contain an in-depth explanation of product features as well as explain how buying the product can be beneficial to the customer. Videos can also contain testimonials that highlight your exceptional service, which may also help to increase sales.

Use Mobile Apps:
Consider this: You are at your customer’s office and all of a sudden your customer asks for a sales quotation. Now if you ask the customer to wait for a day, you are essentially lengthening the sales cycle. The key to increase sales is to speed up the sales cycle. Had it been possible for you to generate a sales quote immediately after the customer had requested for it, you would have a greater chance of bagging the deal. Well, now this is possible if you use Mobile Quoting App that allows you to create quotes anytime, anywhere on your mobile devices. Using this app, you can generate and send a quote as soon as you get a request from your customer. This can contribute immensely in improving the chances of winning the deal.

Add Interactive Pricing Tables:
Present a sales proposal or quotation in such a way that it appeals to the potential customers. For that, you need to include pricing tables that help to distinguish between prices and features of different products and services. Pricing tables provide a systematic way of presenting the information in a sales quotation. Sales quotes that appear cluttered will in fact increase the possibility of losing customers. Therefore it is often advised to include pricing tables that make the sales quotation clear, concise, and easy to read.

When the client is required to choose items and quantities that you have mentioned in your sales or proposal quote, placing an interactive pricing table is the need of the hour. An interactive pricing table helps to build a quote as the user starts selecting the items and the quantity. Sales quotation containing interactive pricing tables is an electronic document that allows customer to choose items and create quote depending upon his needs.

Provide e-signature Options:
In today’s digital age, make sure you generate sales or proposal quotes that support electronic signature. E-signature functionality allows your customers to sign from anywhere and at anytime, provided he is connected to the Web. So once your customer reviews the quote, he can approve it online. E-signature is an easy way to manage your contracts online. Asking your customer to use a fax or scanning machine to print and send back the approved quote consumes unnecessary time and lengthens the sales cycle. So, if you are serious about increasing the chances of sale, you got to shorten the sales cycle. This can be achieved by supporting the e-signature feature that enables your customer to submit the approved quote quickly.

Embed Payment Processing Right in the Document:
If you integrate your online payment processing system within your sales quoting document, it can enable your customers to easily place orders online. For instance, if you could provide a link in your quote that opens into an online checkout page, it can certainly make it easier for your customer to pay. The checkout page should be very well-designed and should allow making purchases by entering minimal information. A Sales Quoting Tool that integrates with a payment gateway such as PayPal will ensure that the customer’s credit card is processed in real time.

Use Analytics to Determine What’s Working:
Sales analytics have become a business necessity that help you to decide whether you are working in the right direction. With sales analytics, you can find out the products that are selling, review the products, services, and bundles that form the quotes. This can give you an idea about the strategies that need to be adopted in order to improve your sales quote and proposal. Analytics are the key to get a better understanding of customer service and sales, which can contribute in reducing the length of the sales cycle and boost revenue.

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