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The following ecommerce posts suggests ways to increase online sales and repeat business as well as discusses strategies to overcome challenges faced by ecommerce business.

Coronavirus: Tips to retain your business during this pandemic

Coronavirus: Tips to retain your business during this pandemic

Reading Time: 6 minutes The CoVid-19 virus has taken us from the flow of daily life into precautionary isolation. While most of the world has retreated into the safety of their homes, global business markets are struggling to stay afloat. The corona pandemic has forced nations into reprioritising health and safety above all else. What does that mean to organisation owners?  Companies that are no longer…

TikTok – The Next Big Thing for eCommerce

TikTok - The Next Big Thing for eCommerce

Reading Time: 5 minutes Social networking and eCommerce travel hand in hand. Facebook, Instagram or Twitter keep you relevant in all things internet. The concept started as a way to communicate with distant family and friends. It has now morphed and adapted into a multi-use platform with the same application.   The question is, what does that mean to you, an eCommerce business owner? When you can…

Work from Home Creates a Surge in the Demand for IT Hardware

Reading Time: 6 minutes The number of work from home situations due to the CoVID-19 pandemic is growing. Business owners are allowing employees to continue business activities from the safety of their homes. Governments are issuing social isolation and quarantine directives. An increasing number of businesses are facing issues with customer retention and demand, and combating a worldwide economic slump. But there are two industries in…

CoVid19 : What your B2B Ecommerce Business Needs to Do

CoVid19 : What your B2B Ecommerce Business Needs to Do

Reading Time: 7 minutes The CoVid-19 is an ongoing pandemic affecting the world at rising scales. While we acknowledge the severity and exercise care and vigilance during our time of quarantine, we must additionally encourage our peers and kin to take similar measures. Our hope is to eventually contain the outbreak and restore normalcy. Read more about the CoVid-19 We work aggressively towards adopting preventative measures…

The Do’s and Dont’s to stay Connected with your Customers during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Stay Connected with your Customers

Reading Time: 7 minutes Panic is on the rise. The majority of the world has packed themselves indoors, emphasising the importance of distance and isolation. Businesses are facing a unique problem; understanding how to stay sensitive and stay afloat. eCommerce businesses fight the prevailing situation with a slight advantage. Especially within the field of software retail, office supplies, health and essential services. Whether you are a…

Is Your Ecommerce Store Getting Traffic but no Sales?  Here’s What You Can Do

ecommerce store geeting traffic

Reading Time: 7 minutes The days turn into nights. We are burning the midnight oil to craft the perfect online sales platform. This could change the game. Finally, launch day has arrived. Everything has panned out. It looks fantastic. You are ready for the orders to start pouring in. Let us get moving. Watching the traffic trickle in; someone is checking out your favorite product too,…

100% Proven E-Commerce Growth Strategy In 2020

E-Commerce Growth Strategy

Reading Time: 4 minutes The e-commerce industry has grown by leaps and bounds and resellers know the key to 100% proven e-commerce growth strategy are the right marketing techniques, right from e-commerce pricing strategies to  strategies to make at least $1000. According to statistics, the e-commerce industry was set to grow from 505 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 to over 735 billion US dollars in 2023.…

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