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The following ecommerce posts suggests ways to increase online sales and repeat business as well as discusses strategies to overcome challenges faced by ecommerce business.

Here’s how you can launch your ecommerce store in less than 30 minutes flat 

Reading Time: 3 minutes Yes, you read it right! The journey to entrepreneurship, in 30 minutes flat! There was a time when launching a business was an uphill task. Availability of space, finances, material, staff, etc. were some of the factors that held most aspiring entrepreneurs back from taking the leap into the unknown.Business inception came with an entire set of requirements. Not anymore! Ecommerce has…

8 Easy Tips to Market Your Online Store

Tips to Market Your Online Store

Reading Time: 4 minutes Even the most profitable businesses need good marketing strategies to gain more customers. And with so many players in the same market, you need to stand out among others. How will you do that? By marketing your store right! Here are 8 easy tips that will get you ecommerce success – 1. The right ecommerce platform The platform where you set up…

6 KPIs To Track Your Ecommerce Store

6 KPIs To Track Your E-Commerce Store

Reading Time: 4 minutes Key Performance Indicators or KPIs are measurable values that can confirm how effectively business milestones are progressing. A performance indicator is a quantifiable measurement to gauge performance relative to some goal, for example, increased site traffic and sales by 30% in the next quarter. The idea behind KPIs is to narrow performance indicators to two or three points to give enterprises a…

Ecommerce statistics to guide your strategy in 2020

Reading Time: 11 minutes Statistics are not mere numbers, they are important pieces of the puzzle for your e-commerce business to thrive when it comes to consumer behaviour. You can get a lot of things right if you consider figures that are important in the industry. Remember most brick and mortar businesses are going online. Consumers surf e-commerce sites for better deals before they decide whether…

10 Definitive Steps to get you to a Million Dollars on Amazon

Steps to get you to a Million Dollars on Amazon

Reading Time: 8 minutes If you are not selling on Amazon.com, you are missing out on making big bucks. Amazon is the largest e-commerce company that started out selling books and has gone onto sell products consumer electronics, online retail, computing services, digital content and almost everything under the sun that can be bought with the click of a button while sitting at home. Consumers consider…

Boost your VAR business by selling online

The Ultimate Guide to Start Your Ecommerce Store
1. 20 eCommerce features no one tells you about
2. Must-have features in an eCommerce platform
3. B2B eCommerce features you cannot ignore