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Huge companies like Amazon, Sears, and Zappos have all used dropshipping as their business model, in fact, an estimated 33%of the ecommerce industry uses it as their primary inventory management model. So what exactly is dropshipping? Let’s dive in. Dropshipping is a business model which enables entrepreneurs to sell products online without the need to keep stock. When the entrepreneur sells the product, they send a PO to their supplier who then ships the product directly to the customer.  

Starting a Dropship Business is Easy!

  • Low operational costs

A dropshipping business doesn’t require you to have a storage facility or need manual labor for stocking, picking orders and packaging, all you need is your website where the products can be sold. This means no operational, warehousing or inventory costs!

  • Low investment

With no upfront capital investment needed like warehouse space, buying wholesale or manufacturing, an entrepreneur can easily start a business with a low budget.

  • Easy diversification

Dropshipping allows merchants to explore a wider range of products as compared to holding inventory. This helps in testing new products with minimum risk.

How do you find products that win?

1. Find a niche dropshipping product

By targeting a niche audience, you will have less competition. There are many products which aren’t very popular but are highly sought after by a niche group of people, for example, diving equipment, servers, network equipment, etc.

2. Add value

Adding value to your product is one of the best strategies to use. This differentiates your products from other sellers selling the same. What do we mean by adding value? Enhance products you sell by offering a complete ready package to customers. For example, laptops installed with antivirus software, completely assembled gaming computers, cameras with additional lenses, editing software etc.

3. Find reliable suppliers

As a dropshipper, your suppliers are your key business partners. You rely on your suppliers to ship good quality and undamaged goods on time to your customers. The reputation of your business depends on your supplier. Avoid suppliers who charge fees, do not have a physical address or seem dubious in any way.

Here’s an article to help you find the right dropship suppliers for your business.

4. Determine delivery time

If your suppliers are based overseas, it would mean longer delivery times and higher shipping costs. Consumers today do not appreciate deliveries that take weeks! Look for local suppliers as that would drastically cut the delivery times.

VARStreet has integrations with 40 + IT and office supplies distributors ALL based in the United States and Canada. This translates really well for your dropship business as not only are deliveries quicker, but shipping is a lot cheaper too. Check our distributor network here.

5. Pricing

Price your products after researching your competition and your niche. You can either price below the competition and attract customers or price above the competition and market your product as luxurious and exclusive.

Profits are made at sourcing right! Having access to prices from multiple distributors will help you to stay ahead of your competitors by pricing your products based on real-time information.

VARStreet has aggregated catalogs from multiple distributors to offer you ONE catalog with real-time price and inventory from 40+ IT and office supplies distributors.

Office supplies is a really popular niche today. The product range is HUGE, and you can easily scale your business.

Read our article to learn How you can sell office supplies online.

6. Make sure the products fill a need

The products you sell should be useful to customers and must solve a problem. Find the problem your audience is currently searching solutions for and develop your strategy based on those searches.

You need to be very clear on how your product benefits people. Only then will you be able to successfully market it.

Best products to dropship by category

Now that we are well acquainted with the variables involved while finding a dropshipping products let’s see which some categories with the best dropshipping products are.

1. Health and beauty

It’s predicted that the beauty industry in America will reach an unfathomable $90 billion by 2020. Women now, living in urban places spend a lot on luxurious cosmetic brands and prefer organic products which use pure and earth-friendly ingredients. Marketing health and beauty products on social media is easy and quite a trend with innumerable vloggers and influencers.

2. Computer accessories

Every single person uses computer accessories like flash drives, laptop cases, chargers etc. These products are easy to ship, and the product range is vast. The demand for computer accessories will NEVER go down.  The industry is forecasted to grow to USD 3.8 billion by 2021. Selling computer accessories online is a profitable niche as well.

Find out how you can start a dropship business and sell computer accessories online.

3. Cell phones

Another hugely profitable dropshipping product! There has been no looking back ever since the first smartphone was introduced to the consumer market in late 2008. Cell phones are a necessity, and used by everyone, from 6-year olds to 75-year olds! With newer smartphone models being introduced, people frequently change their mobile phones. Explore how you can dropship cell phones with VARStreet.

4. Headphones

Mobile phones have replaced iPods. You do not need another device to store and listen to music, it’s on your phone! This has led to the evolution of the headphone market. Business insider expects the market of smart headphones will show an astonishing compound annual growth rate of 45% during the next 5 years. It is a great opportunity to capitalize on the headphones industry. Get started today with VARStreet and build a niche headphones store.

5. Office supplies

dropship office supplies

From pens to calculators, to post-its to planners and from notebooks to printers, you can sell anything under the sun! EVERYONE requires office supplies. Colorful notebooks, planners, pens, to-do lists, markers, sharpies, etc. The product range is vast!

 Want to start an online office supplies store? VARStreet comes integrated with 40+   office supplies distributors. Selling office supplies with VARStreet is easy, affordable and hassle-free!

6. Party supplies

With the advent of social media, parties are becoming more extravagant. Theme parties are extremely popular too. You can capitalize on this trend by selling party supplies, they are light, cheap and easy to sell in bundles.

Starting a dropship business is easy and profitable if done right. Put research into finding a winning product and choose an ecommerce platform, that best complement that product, is affordable and easy to scale.

Finding a winning dropship product is half your battle won. The other half is a stunning ecommerce platform. With VARStreet, you’ve got both!

Have a look at VARStreet as your ecommerce platform. We are easy to use, come with a ready product catalog from multiple distributors and offer more bang for your buck!

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