Easy Tips to Build an Online eCommerce Store with VARStreet

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Online eCommerce stores are being sought, as they are proving to be good means to generate revenues. As the year on year growth rate of the overall online sales continues to soar, it is proving more and more beneficial for the overall online stores. This being said, it is important to know how to build your very own eCommerce store, which tool to use and the best ways to use and implement them.Here are a few tips to build an online eCommerce store with VARStreet.

What is an Online eCommerce Store?

What is an Online eCommerce Store?

Online eCommerce stores are stores that involve the transfer of information via the internet. The term is an umbrella term and covers a wide range of businesses, such as consumer-oriented retail websites, auction sites, music sites, goods trading websites among others.

These types of stores eliminate the barriers of time as well as distance to facilitate the exchange of goods and services. There can be varying types of eCommerce stores namely Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B), Consumer to Consumer (C2C), and Consumer to Business (C2B) online stores. Every version of the store is different for each type as the requirements are different for each business models.

For example, an online eCommerce store for a b2b business model need to have the ability to handle bulk transactions; on the contrary, a simple retail online store of b2c nature does not have the requirement for the same.

How to build an eCommerce Store

How to build an eCommerce store

In order to create an eCommerce store, different decisions have to be taken and that too at the right time in addition to following a series of steps. A lot of efforts and time is needed to build an eCommerce store, which serves one’s predefined objectives.

Here are some tips for building online stores

The first step towards building an eCommerce store is the selection of a proper product to sell. This is the most fundamental and challenging part of the overall journey. One has to explore ideas that best suits his or her capabilities and interest.

After finally deciding upon a product to be sold, the next big step is to obtain the product. Provisions have to be made to obtain the product in sufficient quantities. Care should also be taken to ensure that the supply of the product is not intermittent but is smooth.

After this is done, it is essential to research the competition that is prevalent in the market. This step ensures that the product possesses a competitive edge so as to maintain its relevance in the market. Competitive strategies adopted by key market participants also need to be researched in this step. Once the research is done, it is essential to chart one’s strategy according to it.

In order to prioritize things, it is essential to map out a business plan. This business plan helps in the proper allocation of resources and to effectively put thoughts as well as ideas together. The overall plan is vital to chart future direction and also for reaching new customers.

The next step is the naming of business as well as giving it an identity by investing in making things such as logos, etc. The name should be such that it is easy to recall for customers and has an available domain name. Several options should be explored and the best possible one should be selected.

The only step prior to building your own store is to understand how a search engine optimization (SEO) works. A better understanding of the term is effective in increasing the overall sales and to increase the overall company revenue.

The final step is to build one’s online store. A convenient, user-friendly and competitive software platform should be chosen to build one’s online store. The factors that need to be given thorough consideration while building online eCommerce stores are scalability, affordability, easy to use interface, ability to integrate third-party apps, hosting preferences, advanced features offered by the software company, user-friendliness of the interface, etc. The platform should be built in such a way that it becomes a high converting web platform having good descriptions as well as captivating visuals.

How to build an online store using VARStreet XC

build an online store using VARStreet XC

VARStreet XC with its unique features helps to concentrate more on the two important factors that matter the most, sales as well as customers. It helps in the overall streamlining of operations, can aid for getting entry into the whole eCommerce game and can help sales from every customer relationship. It is indispensable for both, a small and medium scale enterprise or a large company having multiple locations.

Essentially, VARStreet XC is a cloud-based solution for a wide range of end users such as value added resellers (VAR), MSPs, MSPs, and system integrators. It can also be used by distributors and manufacturers for purposes such as powering their own eCommerce stores and for better coordination between their partners.

The platform has the ability to provide a robust e-store for an enterprise. The store is based on your catalog and features the products that we desire and has features discounts and pricing according to our choice. In addition, customers can browse through the product of their choice and are redirected to the eCommerce store’s distributors for the fulfilment of orders.

The platform also provides the ability to customize the store to suit the needs of individual customers. The features that can be customized include shipment, payment, pricing, discounts, products, descriptions, among others. Some of the advantages of using VARStreet XC to build eCommerce stores include ability to create public as well as private online store fronts, ability to customize and configure, ability to use custom URL, availability of wide range of ready templates, easy registration features for new customers, features to control on spending and budget, end user reporting, efficient approval work flow, ability to up-sell and cross-sell, among others.

VARStreet XC with its unique features makes it possible to build an online eCommerce store which is unique, responsive and appealing to customers. With this tool, one can possess a competitive edge over the competition. If one charts out his ideas, it becomes easier to implement them with the help of VARStreet XC.

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