How to Become an Ingram Micro Reseller

Reading Time: 6 minutes
Reading Time: 6 minutes

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Ingram Micro Inc. is the world’s largest distributor of technology products with headquarters in Irvine, California. In December 2016, China’s HNA group acquired Ingram Micro for US$ 6 billion. The distributor ranks at 62 in 2015 Fortune 500 globally and operates in 160 countries with approximately 200,000 customers worldwide. Ingram Micro provides an array of business technology solutions that partners can explore.

Resellers of all sizes can make a strategic partnership with Ingram Micro Inc. The distributor, through its various services, has helped thousands of resellers run their businesses successfully. Businesses owned by disabled veterans, minority or women are encouraged to participate in the channel partner program.

1. Market Segment and Product Portfolio

Ingram Micro specializes in 3 market segments:

    1. Commercial (corporate technology providers)
    2. Consumer marketers (large computer stores, internet storefronts, consumer electronics and office supply)
    3. Value-added resellers (system and web integrators, government and education VARs and application VARs).

Ingram Micro reseller sells over 280,000 products with inventory from 1400 technology manufacturers. The distributor has a broad product portfolio, and its product mix is 40% – Peripherals, 35% – Systems, 20% – Software and 15% – Networking.

2. Ingram Micro products fall under the following categories

    • Systems (PC’s, notebooks, workstations, servers)
    • AIDC/POS
    • Software
    • Supplies/Consumables
    • Printers & Peripherals
    • Monitors & Projectors
    • Storage
    • Mobility & Telecom
    • Components
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Security
    • Multimedia/Games

3. Ingram Micro Cloud

Ingram Micro has heavily invested in cloud services to give their partners the competitive edge they deserve. The distributor offers a portfolio of cloud services to fulfil a range of cloud-related requirements for its partners. The portfolio includes 6 customizable cloud platforms and cloud management services such as remote monitoring and management (RMM), remote infrastructure management (RIM) and mobile device management (MDM).

4. Criteria for Becoming an Ingram Micro Reseller

    • You need to submit the reseller application along with the required documents as mentioned in the application.
    • To become an Ingram Micro reseller you need to set up an account with Ingram Micro, it is mandatory to be a reseller of IT equipment or service. If you are not a qualified reseller of technology products, your application will be rejected.
    • Ingram Micro will work only when it is assured a minimum amount of orders from you every year. For instance, Ingram Micro expects its UK resellers to forward orders of at least 9000 pounds every year.
    • Ingram Micro will review your account regularly to check whether you fulfil the minimum order quantity. If you fail to meet the minimum order criteria, Ingram Micro can terminate your contract.
    • For resellers in the US, the reseller application is valid for all states except New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, West Virginia, Wyoming, Indiana and Virginia. If your business is registered in any of these states, you need to fill an appropriate application form for that particular state.

5. Steps for Becoming an Ingram Micro Reseller

    • Once you are confident about fulfilling the reseller requirement, apply for an Ingram Micro account here. Select the country in which you reside from the dropdown.

apply for an Ingram Micro account

Complete the reseller application process. Make sure to submit all relevant documents along with the application. Make sure to include the following business information in the application:

      • Legal business name
      • Business trade name(s); DBA
      • Business address and phone number
      • Type of business as registered with your state
      • General description of the business
      • State sales registration number of each state in which you are licensed for reselling
      • Signature of owner or officer signing application
      • Name and title of the person signing the certificate
      • Date certificate is signed

Submit a sales tax exemption certificate to make tax-free purchases from Ingram Micro. You require a certificate from each state where you are located and registered. The certificate(s) should be updated periodically as per the state laws and/or Ingram Micro policies.

Steps for Becoming Ingram Micro Reseller

If you are residing in the United States, return the completed and assigned forms to Fax: (716)616-1600. Download and print the forms to sign them as electronic signatures will not be accepted.

Call Ingram Micro’s New Business Development Team at or

You will get an account number after your account application is accepted. You will be charged an administrative fee only after your application is accepted. Your application is thoroughly reviewed for completeness and compliance with Ingram Micro policy. Usually, it takes 2 to 3 days for the application to be reviewed and accepted.

You also need a credit account with Ingram Micro. It is imperative to send a complete ‘Credit Card Authorization Form’ without which the application will not be processed. If you are residing in the United States, contact at (800) 456-8000, ext 41 or email at

It is mandatory for any new account applicant to go through an accreditation process that verifies whether the applicant fulfils the criteria of becoming an Ingram Micro reseller. Product pricing and availability will not be provided unless you open an account with Ingram Micro.

6. Opening Cash and Credit Accounts

Complete the ‘Cash Account Application’ form to apply for an Ingram Micro Cash Account. Cash accounts enable resellers to make payments using a credit card, electronic fund transfer or direct deposit etc. If you have a cash account, your order will not be sent by Ingram Micro unless it receives payment from the reseller.

Resellers can also set up a credit account with Ingram Micro, which will enable them to obtain goods and services from the distributor on credit. Credit agreement terms and conditions will be determined based on the information provided by the reseller in the application. The reseller will have to provide information about personal assets and liabilities as well as submit an application form to create a Commercial Credit Account with Ingram Micro.

7. Advantages of Becoming an Ingram Micro Reseller

7.1 One-Stop Shop Experience

Ingram Micro offers the largest selection of IT products along with a suite of services for its customers. It has global operations in markets more than any other distributor of IT products and services. Ingram Micro products come from global and local manufacturers, which enables them to offer the widest portfolio of IT products.

The portfolio is updated regularly with the latest products so that the inventory remains up-to-date with emerging technologies. Ingram Micro’s global reach, and extensive sales and distribution network enable it to better understand reseller needs.

7.2 Holds Highest Level of Vendor Accreditation

Ingram Micro has the workforce and expertise to handle every aspect of IT solutions – hardware, software and services.

Its experience in reselling a range of IT products and services aids its business partners to operate efficiently. Their team of experts are recognized nationally and internationally and have the highest level of accreditations with vendors.

7.3 Accommodates Needs of Various Resellers

Ingram Micro Canada and Ingram Micro United States, has initiated several programs to simplify working with new resellers. For instance, it has developed the Choice Advantage partner program for its resellers. The program allows solution providers, i.e. value-added resellers, to choose the service that best meets their business objectives.

The program offers a great amount of flexibility and is designed to meet the diverse requirements of a wide range of resellers. Whether you are an enterprise reseller in search of more value-added services or a solution provider looking for a distributor that offers competitive pricing and deep discounts, Ingram Micro is the right choice for resellers with varied needs. The Choice Advantage partner program lets Ingram Micro offer lower pricing as compared to other distributors like Synnex.

7.4 Go-to-Market Services

The distributor’s services are not just limited to logistics and fulfilment support. It also offers go-to-market services that specify how resellers can reach customers and achieve a competitive advantage. The purpose of go-to-market services is to help resellers deliver a unique value proposition to their customers.

Here’s where you can become an Ingram Micro Reseller.

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