How to connect E-commerce Store with SAP ERP Software

Reading Time: 2 minutes
Reading Time: 2 minutes

ERP is business management software that typically takes care of the back end processes of an organization. It is helpful in gathering, storing and managing data from various activities that are undertaken to run the business. Ecommerce store on the other hand, has two parts. First is the front end of the store that allows your visitors to shop online, whereas the second is the back end of your store that provides information like inventory and sales figures.
Connecting ERP/SAP with your e-commerce store is critical for growth of your online business. Yes, your ecommerce business will run even without integrating it with your ERP system. However, this means you will have to manage your sales information manually, which can be quite frustrating.

  • Benefits

The E-commerce integration with ERP prevents the tedious task of manually entering the data between the backend system and e-commerce platform. Manual entry process is extremely time consuming and carries a high risk of costly errors.

Data transfer errors are one of the most common mistakes that occur in online business dealings. For the business to run efficiently, you simply cannot overlook these mistakes that can put you in financial loss. All these errors can be eliminated or significantly reduced by integrating ERP with your e-store. The synchronization between ERP and e-commerce applications is important to ensure error-free transfer of data between the systems.

An end-to-end integration will save a lot of your time as it will ensure continuous flow of data flawlessly between the systems. This means information such as sales order and inventory will move seamlessly behind the scenes, thereby eliminating duplicate data entry.

The integration will help to maintain all your attention on your business objectives – your sales and earnings targets. In short, in order to run your business with more focus, connected systems is the need of the hour.

The integration is two-way from e-store to ERP and vice-versa. This means data flows in both the directions between the systems. With integration, an order created through online shopping cart gets recorded in the ERP system without any manual intervention. This not only keeps human error from occurring but also saves wage costs.

Similarly, availability of stock stored in ERP is communicated to the online store. Thus, the customers visiting the site can get to know what products are available and can be purchased from the online store.

  • How to Connect VARStreet E-commerce with ERP Software

VARStreet is a popular eCommerce Platform that can easily integrate with your ERP software. ERP integration with VARStreet platform will make your business operations more efficient. Sales order, customer information, products as well pricing can be easily viewed and managed from ERP system, making things easier.

Also, SAP integration with VARStreet ensures that the customers get automatic updates about the shipment details of their products. Moreover, customers can also monitor the delivery process, to know when the consignment will reach the destination. The customer can simply log into VARStreet to know the shipment delivery status online.

Although VARStreet platform provides a robust integration with ERP, it is filled with jargon that isn’t self-explanatory. So, it will require technical expertise, hence you are required to contact VARStreet customer support executive for further details. You can call VARStreet at 781-262-0610 Ext 2 or email at support@varstreet(.)com to contact our sales representative.

On the whole, in order to reach your business goals, it is very important that you get rid of manual excel-based process flow that vies for your time, energy and focus. For that to happen, you need to integrate your ERP software with VARStreet

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