How To Drastically Reduce Time From A Quote To Sale

Reading Time: 4 minutes
How To Drastically Reduce Time From A Quote To Sale
Reading Time: 4 minutes

In a competitive market, going slow means losing out on business to competitors. This is why an easy quote system can accelerate the quoting process for a structured outcome that makes sense to the client.

Improve the conversion rates of quotes by automating the quoting process, give customers a sense of having an edge over competitors and a reason why they will keep coming back to you.  Reduce the average turnaround time for a request for a proposal. It is as simple as that.

Conversion is the end goal of all businesses. There are ways to measure a quote converting into a sale. Quotation Conversion Rate measures the success rate in percentage that a company achieves of converting quotes for business into actual orders.

Produce well-structured quotes and tenders that provide compelling reasons for customers coming back and be consistent over time. Get on top of the quoting process to enjoy manifold benefits which include improved acceptance rate and improved cash flow. Quick and correct responses help to close deals promptly and win new business.

Use an easy quote system for a well-structured quote that should have costs, expenses, services, terms and conditions in fluid and understandable language. Let there be uniformity in the look and feel to avoid confusion.

Feature a call to action at the end of the quote to keep it simple. This guides customers to take action. User-friendly and impressive sales quotes increase the chances of sales quote approval and eliminate reasons for clarification.

softwareHere are some steps to reduce the quote to sale process:

1. Good Quoting Software

This is a must to get the process right. Create error-free sales quotes within a short period which also helps to save costs.

Other benefits of an online price quote software include the ability to create attractive, professional quotes in a PDF format. These small aspects leave a lasting impression on customers and increase the chances of winning deals.

Some parts of the quoting process can seem challenging. Optimize complex quotes with an easy quote system which includes a CPQ software.

This automates the process of configuration, pricing and quoting of complex products. CPQ capabilities will allow you to quickly configure, calculate the price, quote the product accurately and present it professionally. The job is half done and time is saved by investing in the best quoting software.

2. Reduce Barriers To Approval

Before getting a quote ready, there could be approvals required at various levels before the quote is sent to the customer.

Use automated workflow tools that help to lower inactive quote times. Research and use the best quoting software that makes the job easier.

Making the quoting process simple, straightforward and automated requires having certain procedures in place. When a quote comes in, it takes time to integrate the online price quote software systems to help make the quote to order workflow seamless.

Another step is reducing the time for delivery and acceptance of the quote. Here again, using automated quoting software comes in handy.


3. Multiple Communication Tools

Enable multiple communication tools. These help to facilitate efficient and effective interactions between the sales team and their customers.

Set up integration points for internal business systems and users. Let departments concerned have access to the quoting process which means everyone is in the loop internally.

Determine which systems or software needs to be connected, which helps so that information can be passed to one another. This makes the quote to order workflow as seamless as possible.

In short, have separate teams to do the job which cuts down on time instead of the burden on the quoting process falling on a few people within the sales team.

Choose the best quoting software to get the best integration of all departments on one platform.

4. Maintaining Quality At Every Step

Take care of the small aspects at every step. Make sure that minute actions are taken care of and figures are accurate. Get the data right before keying it into the online price quote tool.

Once this is done, multiple departments have access to the outcome of the information. Do a double check on the sales quote figures that emerge.

Why is accuracy important? It might be the best quoting software, but without accuracy, things can go completely wrong. The more accuracy there is at every step, the simpler the process and customers are happy too. Keep it simple. Don’t be overwhelmed by numbers.

Accuracy at every step eases the quoting process even with the best online quoting software to do the rest.

Improve sales team efficiency which allows them to spend time quoting additional customers or finding new business. Quoting is an indispensable part of the sales cycle and the first step to establish a business association with customers.

Make clear and concise quotes include basic details like contact information, cost, product details, warranty, tax details, delivery date, terms and conditions of payment and product expiry date. Yes, an easy quote system can do the job and reduce the time of quote to sale.

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