How to Increase B2B Sales via Ecommerce?

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Ecommerce has incredible potential when it comes to B2B. B2B Ecommerce sales is changing its face at a fast pace with the proliferation of online technologies and progression of a business customer. There is a remarkable transformation in the buying behavior of B2B customers. B2B customers are moving online. They smartly compare prices across different organizations online. Also, they expect a lot from sellers. They want quick information and solutions to their questions. To increase B2B Ecommerce sales, it becomes essential to address the changes in buying behavior and their expectations.
Earlier sales teams simply used to take orders. Today, data-rich technologies including CRM, ERP and Ecommerce play a crucial role in facilitating the closure of a deal. Gone are the days when sales reps used to product pitchers. Today they need to the play part of advisor or consultant and focus on strategic conversations with customers. It is essential now to have multiple social selling skills.

Delivering positive customer experience is what you need to focus on. It becomes essential to use information in a smart way and further relationships with your clients to boost B2B Ecommerce sales.

B2B spells huge opportunity for your online B2B store and if you want to get the most out of it, then here are some smart ways:

Certainly, customers today have no time in their busy schedules. Today’s smart customer wants to get what he or she looking for quickly and get out of the online store swiftly. Offering a personal touch can make your customers happy with star treatment.  Having a personalized dashboard featuring recent orders, loyalty rewards, relevant products, timely promotions, etc. can be a great way to make your customers feel special. Depending on certain preferences, order volumes, business niche, etc., you can set up groups. This will make it easy to offer custom experiences tailored particularly for them. Furthermore, enhanced customer service, early product availability, custom pricing, etc. will add personal touch, which will further increase chances of customer retention and increased B2B Ecommerce sales.

  • Easy Site Search and Product Filtering

Easy Site Search and Product Filtering

B2B customers are always on the go. Though they love shopping, they just want to get it done quickly. Therefore, it is important to make their site search easy so that they can find desired products quickly and hence, effective product filtering and categorization is an essential aspect to consider. Focus on having a robust product catalog, which details all your offerings and advanced search options. Also, think about upselling and cross-selling opportunities by suggested product offerings.

  • OMS and ERP Integration

It feels really disappointing when you complete the entire procedure and then you get to know that the desired product is out of stock. To avoid this, linking your store with your operations management team or enterprise resource planning system can be a smart option. Integrate with ERP and OMS so as to get accurate inventory levels, which will further ease customer service issues. Moreover, you can synchronize the customer and order data to market specific products to them, which will further the buying experience.

  • Easy Ordering

Easy Ordering

B2B customers always expect easy checkout process. Equipping your site with Fast Order – Most of the times, B2B customers exactly know what they want. Customers can enter specific SKUs to add items. This will make it easy for customers to get in and get out with quick orders.

    • Selection of Multiple products:

Customers will be happy to purchase more in less time. Offering the ability to choose multiple products in different quantities can make a significant difference.

  • Mobile Optimization:

As discussed B2B customers are always on the go. Mobile devices have empowered B2B buyers with easy access to the wealth of knowledge from anywhere, anytime. Therefore, product research is done on at the airport, on job sites and sales call even. Mobile use is significantly increasing and B2B customers are more likely to click mobile buttons to make a purchase, it is essential to optimize for mobiles. Create an online store, which is fully responsive for smartphones, tablets, and other platforms.

  • Approval workflow:

B2B Ecommerce is unique with a certain purchase flow and process. It might be needed to have a purchase order, get your higher management authorities to review orders, and several other things that make this process slow and long. Therefore having a B2B ecommerce platform that provides a digitized approval workflow to accommodate the complexity and variety of processes involved in making each B2B purchase flexible and easy can make you stand ahead in the competition.

  • Integrations:

This is the crucial element in the B2B Ecommerce store success. In the majority of cases, it needs to integrate with ERP system,shipping, CRM, Payment, and lots more. Having your systems well-integrated means ease in scaling B2B Ecommerce operations as well as growing sales.
All in all, it is time to get smarter and use technology wisely to boost your B2B Ecommerce sales. It is essential for every B2B Ecommerce store owner to act on data and online buying signals effectively. In addition to this, rather than focusing on sales presentations, solving customer issues should be your top concern.  This will certainly let you get on the right track and increase B2B Ecommerce sales more easily and effectively.

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