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Looking for tactics, strategies, and techniques that will generate more leads for your business?
Well, as marketers, we invest lots of time and resources in planning campaigns with an aim of getting new leads which should be transformed into customers.

As we all know, a stable flow of leads is a crucial factor in keeping a business afloat. This steady stream will form a pool of leads from which eventually new customers will develop. However, this whole lead generation process is slightly tricky.

Do you think that leads will pop up just by having the best name for ecommerce website? Will you be able to achieve your lead generation goals just by leaving your business card anywhere or relying on the website ‘Contact Us’ page? Certainly, the answer is NO.

If you are one of those who only rely on traditional methods to get ecommerce website noticed and generate leads, then probably it is demoralizing as the majority of those people are not even interested in talking to you.

In today’s competitive edge, running an ecommerce website is a tough job. It is essential to take enormous efforts to find innovative ways to contact the potential customer and attract them towards your products. So, how to reach your lead generation goals using smart ways that actually add value for your prospects?

Let’s explore possibilities and walk through some of the different options of modern lead generation methods. Rather than pushing your customers to buy from your brand, these smart ways focus on providing valuable information to prospects and make an informed decision.

  • Create A product video

Product Video

Research shows that creating promo video of your products can generate leads at a rate of up to 33 %. It is seen that visuals and audios are more effective than text. If done right, product videos keep visitors engaged and can inspire them to take action. Furthermore, with advanced technology, technology like Wistia makes it possible to add a call-to-action in the middle of the video that captures the email address.

In addition to this, videos also make it possible to leverage third-party platforms that can give your product videos extra reach in their newsfeed. Short, crisp videos can create a lasting impression.

  • Revisit Your About Page

Do you know the importance of creative ecommerce sites? They have immense power of grabbing visitor attention. Give a detailed view to the about us or team page on your ecommerce platform. Well, by optimizing about page, you can strengthen one of your main connection points for customers. This is where visitors who you are. So, it can be a great place to have a call-to-action point that will help to boost your lead generation efforts. Include a solid value proposition in your headline. Have a clear idea of where you’d like your visitors to go next and guide them accordingly with a compelling call-to-action.

  • Use LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

Have you ever thought about using LinkedIn for generating leads? LinkedIn is a platform featuring capabilities that come fully packed with tools that help really drum up your business. Utilizing LinkedIn’s publishing platform for businesses looking to sell or expand offer an exponentially great opportunity. Research shows that LinkedIn’s visitor-to-lead conversion rate outshines both Facebook and Twitter. (Source research by Hubspot: By creating compelling articles, sharing news, publishing insights that will be valuable to your target audience and publishing it via your LinkedIn network can give you the power to truly connect with a social network that is used seriously to convert and capture leads. This powerful tool helps target industry influencers, brand advocates and potential customers all from the same platform.

  • Guest Blog on Other Sites

Are you aware that you can take advantage of the sites which your audience visits? So, smart idea to reach your audience by getting exposure on that site. You can offer guest blogs on other site and get exposure and links as an additional benefit.

  • Add a Highly Visible Floating Bar

Floating bars are kept at the top or the bottom of the visitors’ screen which move along as the visitor moves his/her screen. It means the bar remains visible as the visitors scroll down your website making them constantly available to their eyes and prove extremely helpful for lead generation. Furthermore, it does not stop visitors from viewing your content, and they can hide or close it very easily.

Start your journey to explore innovative ideas that will add value for your people. You just need to think out of the box and find effective digital marketing tools that will work for you and help you tap into this incredibly large market. Remember, capturing just a fraction of such a huge source of customers could lead to significant profits for your brand and products/services.

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