Selling with VARStreet- Launch your B2B Ecommerce Store in less than 5 days

Reading Time: 5 minutes
Selling with VARStreet
Reading Time: 5 minutes

Ecommerce has expanded its reach in every field across the world. For a lot of brands, we can see a clear shift from brick and mortar businesses to online eCommerce stores.

Global B2B eCommerce sales are expected to reach $6.6 trillion by 2020.

So, for every entrepreneur, having an online eCommerce store is significant. But, not everyone is very versed in the knowledge of starting an online store. The right platform to launch your B2B eCommerce store is the first and foremost requirement towards the success of your business.

VARStreet is an eCommerce platform that helps you set-up your eCommerce store without any hassle. Also, it takes care of the logistics and marketing after the launch of the store. The good news is that your business can get online in just 5 days.

Before we learn how to launch eCommerce business with VARStreet, let us discuss the clarity of basics that we need to have a successful online business.

1. Steps to Launch

Prior to building your eCommerce store, you need to be well prepared in certain areas. Some key factors for you take into account are the product, brand, logistics, and competition.

Once these areas are sorted, the mechanism to launch your store will be a smooth ride. You can read more about Tips to build an Online eCcommerce Store here.

2. Identify your Niche 

It is the first and the most important step to start your online eCommerce store.  A niche is a special segment of the market that focuses on the specific consumer sector. 42% of the startups fail due to the lack of a profitable niche for their business.

Ask yourself a few questions.

  • Are you passionate about selling something?
  • Does it have good market value?
  • To predict the future of your business, look into the past and present of that niche. Has it been profitable? Is it facing any problems currently?
  • Are there enough products to sell?
  • What are the profit margins?

The answers to these questions will bring you closer to the niche you want to start your business with.

3. Build your Brand

Build your Brand

The brand is the identity of your business. It is that name which will be taken when people will talk about your products. So think of the brand name carefully so that it attracts positive reactions from the audience.

Also, it should relate to what you sell. 89% of the B2B marketers say that brand awareness is the most important goal, followed by sales and lead generation. Survey the market and choose your brand with care.

4. Select your Suppliers and Shipping Agencies

You cannot run a store until you have an uninterrupted supply of goods. As a part of eCommerce store management not only you have to ensure that your suppliers provide good quality products at competitive rates but also that they are efficient

Enquire about their customer service in case of any difficulties and their damage control processes.

Your orders, supplies, and shipping should be in sync with each other. If any link of this chain is weak, your business is going to suffer.

VARStreet streamlines the process from order to dispatch as well. It converts your orders to purchase orders and sends them to the distributor of your choice with a single click.

You can also find Tax and Freight Integration with VARStreet that gives rule-based tax calculations and integration with top shipping companies.

5. Know your Competition

Know your Competition

Before starting an online store, know your competition. Find out the ways in which they attract their customers. Keep an eye on their website metrics like traffic volumes bounce rates, traffic demographics, etc. No matter how innovative you are, you will always have direct and indirect competitors. Analyze these facts to fare better than your competitors with proper planning and strategy.

VARStreet enables you with marketing tools like SEO, email marketing, discounts, and coupons, etc. to help you score better than your competitors. Also, customers can leave reviews and ratings on your store to enhance your online presence as a seller.

6. Finalize your Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway is the third party payment system between merchants and customers. Your store needs to have a secure and hassle-free payment gateway or a combination of payment gateways to have a profitable business.

According to statistics, 8% of the people abandon their shopping cart due to the lack of a preferred payment method. In terms of numbers, this percentage can be huge to affect your business. VARStreet offers integration with multiple payment gateways.

To learn more about Payment Gateways on your eCommerce store click here.

7. Build Your Online Store

Do you think it is so much of work when we discuss how to build an eCommerce store?. The fact is, with VARStreet, it is very easy.

The platform takes care of the initial steps involved in the process of starting an eCommerce business, and the steps the follow the launch.

Design and content play a very important role in building an online store. Why it is so quick with VARStreet is because they take care of these two significant factors on their own without charging you a single penny for the same.

VARStreet enables you with free rich content like high-quality images, product descriptions, tech specs, etc. and aggregated catalog.

To give your eCommerce store a professional and stunning look, VARStreet offers responsive designs that are compatible with different devices and are easy to implement. It provides you with beautiful templates to design your eCommerce store to attract your customers.

VARStreet understands your needs and the initial difficulties that you may face. The support team is always available to take care of your problems.

Are you worried about the uptime? VARStreet ensures quick uptime and scalability. The platform is cloud-based and the set up is quick and easy. Your concerns about security are also taken care of as VARStreet runs regular security audits. Also, all the updates are free!

If you want to start your online eCommerce store, what more can you ask for?


Steve Jobs said,

“Great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people”.

Launch your online ecommerce business with VARStreet and get that team with you.

There was a time when starting a business was a mammoth task. Today we can think of starting an ecommerce business within 5 days. To find a guide to start an eCommerce Store, look here. If you have a passion for your online business, you can easily take advantage of opportunities around you and make profits. A good platform is always a good start.

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