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Being a value added reseller (VAR) to US Federal government is no easy job. Yes, you have successfully bagged the Federal government contract but managing it can get tedious if you are not using the right technology. Losing a federal contract – just because you have not been able to handle its requirements properly – could mean a substantial drop in business revenue, which you simply cannot afford. An easy way to manage your contract is to use VARStreet, a platform that has been specifically designed to support your GovEd business.

  • Why you should Use VARStreet Platform to run your GovEd Business?

    • Has Built-in Contract Module

Well, if you thought VARStreet platform has been designed to manage B2C and B2B transactions only, you need a rethink. The eCommerce platform is very much equipped to handle your GovEd business effectively. Regardless of the type of  federal government contract (State, Local or Federal) you hold, you can always depend on VARStreet to meet its requirements.

VARS into GovEd business will certainly find VARStreet platform useful. VARStreet platform, as we know has some key modules such as ecommerce, aggregated catalog, sales quoting and CRM System. Another important module integral to VARStreet is the contract module, which is what makes it suitable to run GovEd business using VARStreet platform.

The Special Contract module of VARStreet is specifically designed for GovEd VARS. So to whomsoever you are selling, be it local Govt. or a large university, you can use VARStreet to manage your contract requirements. No matter how many government contracts you are having, you can easily manage them using contract module of VARStreet eCommerce software.

    • Expertise in Handling Government Contracts

It is rightly said that expertise is what makes the difference between an amateur and a professional. VARStreet, the ecommerce and sales quoting software, is no amateur in helping VARS manage their GovEd business. In the past, VARStreet has successfully supported VARS for some of the most complicated contracts including SEWP, Eagle, and Netcents. So VARStreet is not new B2G business and in fact has considerable experience in dealing with GovEd VARS.

    • VARStreet Contract Catalog

For any contract in VARStreet, you can define your own terms and conditions that work best for your business. You can also assign your own cost price and selling to any contract product. Also since the contract module is operational only for VARS into GovEd business, only contract products are allowed to be uploaded into contract catalog. This allows you to manage contract separately within VARStreet without interfering with your B2C and B2B transactions. Also for any contract you can specify the ‘commencement date’ or ‘effective date’. These dates indicate when the contract are due to have legal effect. You also have the flexibility to choose open market items to sell under a particular contract.

On the whole, if you want to successfully run and grow your GovEd business, you can rely on VARStreet platform. Using the platform should be a unanimous choice since VARStreet has already worked with many VARs in the government market.

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