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Behind every successful sale, there is an impressive quotation.

If you want to win maximum business deals that come your way, look at the correspondence that represents you in front of the customer.

A perfect response to the request for quotation has the potential to win the deal for you. If the process of creating and sending quotations is taking too much of your time, you need to take a shift to an online quotation system.

Why do we need a Quoting Software?

Do you prepare your quotations manually? Is your competition scoring over you due to quick responses? Does your team handles too many papers and is inefficient when it comes to preparing quotations in volumes?

If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, its time to learn about The Benefits of Quoting Software”. 

Quoting software does the monotonous task of preparing quotations for your customers and saves your time for more creative jobs that need human intelligence. It uncomplicated the task of manual sorting and updating spreadsheets.

Imagine the time and effort a quotation software will save when you do not have to dig into files for details, your templates are ready with your brand and you are good to go with all the information about inventory and pricing in one place. All this leading to a final, polished sales quotation to win clients.

Multiple clients, less time? You will no longer be hassled with such situations.

An automated quotation management system can handle it all for you with ease and finesse.

So, to automate and streamline the process of sending proposals, go for Quoting Software. Not only does it saves time, but it also gives a professional look to your product quotation.

How Cloud-based Software help

Cloud-based quoting software is available anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection. Like any cloud-based service, it comes with authorized access and security systems.

authorized access and security systems

So, your data is safe and the real-time back up save your data from any technical glitch.

What more?

There are many benefits of cloud-based quoting software. Cloud-based quoting software saves your time in making and sending quotes. It also enables you to approve the quotations online.

A very good tool when you are low on budget and short on manpower. You can invest in cloud-based quoting software as it can take care of the proposals you want to send to your buyers in a very professional way while you can concentrate on other tasks.

According to, quoting software is going to see a growth of 20% annually through 2020, most of which will be from cloud-based solutions.

You already have a lot of staff and all your processes are manually done by them. Try a cloud-based quoting software and you will never go back to those methods. As every quotation is online, it can be viewed, reviewed, changed and approved as per the hierarchy in your office in a lesser amount of time than it takes in a manual system.

The quote management system improves the coordination between people working on that sale at the front and the back end.

Irrespective of the number of working hands you have in your office, you cannot ignore the benefits of cloud-based quoting software.

  • Ready templates make it easier to design a proposal in a very impressive way.
  • Response time is less, so you can connect with your customer quickly to close the deal.
  • The quotation can be viewed online with all its supporting documents. It helps in reviewing your offer to your buyer in case of such need.
  • You can also check whether your customer has viewed the proposal or not. Helps in follow up.
  • It is easy to sort the invoices that you need. It makes your work quicker and more organized.
  • The reusable content can be copied and reused for other proposals.
  • You can also track your overdue payments. Something that needs follow up can be easily prompted by this software.
  • The cloud-based sales quotation application is designed keeping all the security and compliance requirements in mind. So all your legal and compliance needs are taken care of.
  • You don’t lose your data in case of any technical malfunction. Real-time back up helps you in such a situation.
  • The system can be accessed from anywhere, even from your mobile phone, as most of the cloud-based services have designed their apps for easy accessibility of their clients while they are on the move.
  • Nowadays, the quoting software can be linked to online payment solutions. It reduces the time to receive the payment by almost 10%.

For choosing the right quoting software for your business, pay attention to some key features that the quoting software offer. Here is a list of points to note before you select a quote management system. The list may vary as per your business needs.

  • Automatic responses
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Electronic signature
  • Content Library
  • Template Collection
  • Document tracking
  • Notifications and Automated Follow Up
  • PDF Export
  • Security
  • Training and Support

VARStreet enables you with a built-in Quoting Software for your professional sales quotations. The software saves your time and effort and also acts as a center of information for real-time pricing and inventory from several distributors.

A well-prepared quote is ready to win the deal for you.

Being Organised is about knowing the location and utility of your stuff in order to save and effort when needed.

A good cloud-based quoting software helps you in being organized in your business and impress your clients with your proposals.

A streamlined process of preparing sales quote builds your reputation in your work field and makes life easier for you. Cloud-Based Quoting Software is a win-win for you, your team and your clients because of its efficiency, productivity, and presentation. Its time to automate your quotation management system.

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