Top 5 Benefits of Sourcing Rich Content through a VAR E-commerce Software Provider

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Reading Time: 3 minutes

An eCommerce Store is incomplete without Rich content and it has already started playing a crucial role in the VAR industry. For resellers, rich content is a distinguishing way to project their products more powerfully vis-à-vis their competitors while for buyers, it’s one of the key factors that impacts their decision making process in addition to product prices, quality, services and the company size. In a real world scenario – Customers are able to touch, see, and feel the product before they take a buying decision but in a virtual world that is not possible and hence enhanced content help a VAR to give as much information about the product as possible thereby increasing the chance of a sale and also reducing the chances of return.
With a growing demand for rich content from the tech savvy business buyers, resellers have started integrating their e-stores with content rich information to provide a holistic product packaging and solution to their customers. A rich content e-commerce website broadly includes product related images, description, videos and tech specifications. However, some VARs also extend other rich content services like product need analysis, product configurations, product comparisons, 3D views, instruction manuals and educational resources to make the shopping experience more interactive and informative for buyers. Whether you are a VAR who is either exploring the potential of rich content for your website or the one who is already offering a rich content catalog, it is the most likely that you are sourcing the content coverage directly from the manufacturer or rich content providers such as Etilize.

Rich content procured from the manufacturer can surely work to your advantage if you are exclusively selling their products only. No fuss and cost effective, as simple as it can get. But in case you are a multi-products reseller or looking for product integrations, a rich content provider like Etilize is anytime a better option. With their user friendly product descriptions and standardized taxonomy across all distributors, rich content providers enable the buyers to search, filter and classify products along with side by side comparison. Nevertheless, the cost of availing rich product content from rich content providers can cause an enormous dent in your company’s balance sheet, especially if you are an individual or small or growing VAR. Also, due the ever changing dynamics of IT industry, it hardly takes much time for the buyers to upgrade to the new products, updates and enhancements continuously flooding the market. End result? You lose the track of what’s old and new and your buyer is deprived of informed purchasing decisions.

For a complete and real time content coverage for your e-store, you should knock the door of your e-commerce software provider. A powerful and competent e-commerce platform can integrate all your applications with rich content providers and help you drive online sales from every customer relationship. Let us take you through key benefits of sourcing rich content from an e-commerce service provider.

  • Cost Efficient

It’s estimated that e-tailers spend over $75,000-$150,000 every year to license rich product content to power their e-commerce. But your e-commerce service provider can straightway cut down your costs because it collects comprehensive data from rich content providers and then distributes it to many VARs at a lower price.

  • Time saver

No longer do you need to chase your manufacturers for import files or spend endless hours on the web to search for product images, descriptions and specs and then decode the cryptic information to suit your customer’s requirements. An e-commerce software provider easily integrates your global and customized catalogs with rich content and that too with universally accepted and standardized taxonomy.

  • Real Time Content, Price and Availability

A VAR e-commerce service provider links your products to rich content provider based on manufacturer part and distributor SKU numbers. Consequently, your sales team and buyers get real time access to content as well as price and availability.

  • Enhanced buying and selling experience

The business buyers can effortlessly browse and compare thousands of content rich products with detailed information from different distributors through keyword criteria and extensive search and filer tools. For your sales rep, preparing an accurate quote and closing the sales is much quicker.

  • Cross sells and Up sell

Help your customers meet their additional needs by providing them product options and accessories or information on related products and similar products.

VARStreet e-commerce platform can provide a complete rich content coverage for your e-store. Contact us to know how.

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